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On Leave Due To Jetlag


We are back from our 25-day Manila “vacation” and the girls are severely jetlagged.  Sam was up at 4AM this morning bounding on the bed with energy, and Jamie, while sleepy, can’t seem to get a handle on a good night’s sleep, so to speak.  Ever since we arrived in Manila, Jamie’s separation anxiety from me has only gotten worse, to the point that the minute I put her down anywhere, she starts shrieking at the top of her lungs.  On the flight back, she refused to go to my husband or be held by anyone else, so I literally carried her for 25-hours (and counting).  I do feel like my arms are going to fall apart.  I know that this adjustment back into our daily routine is going to take anywhere between 7-10 days, and I have to physically prepare myself for that as well.

Sam has also asked to go back to her ballet class, the first item on her agenda.  Well, she would actually rather play with Elie first, however because our schedule is still highly unpredictable, and because I would want her to take it easy for the next few days else risk another hospital incident, then I am holding off on the playdates.

My world is spinning from the lack of sleep and from the trip and I am hoping to catch a few good hours of shut-eye.  Slowly but surely, we will get our affairs back in order and things will normalize.  I just have to give it (and myself) a few days.  There are a lot of thoughts running through my mind and things that need to get done, but I cannot keep up with it in the pace that I’d hope.  It’s also mostly because, I have to be able to keep up with the girls.  I was down with the flu too three days before we left, and I feel that I still need to recover fully from that.

I am also missing my iPhone.  I have a vague memory of where in Manila I last used it, however people have not yet been able to find it.  My husband lent me his old blackberry, just so that we have some form of communicating with each other now that he is back at work, and all the more I realized how used to the iPhone I was and how my life back here is not complete without it.

My Mommyology

Oh iPhone! Please come back to me!

I have to say all in all, while Manila and all that came with it was fun and crazy all rolled into our busy schedule, I’d have to say it is good to be back in our cozy quiet Chapel Hill home.  There’s nothing like the familiarity of the routine and the comfort of one’s own place to come back to.  And I did miss my bed. 🙂

See you soon world!  I promise, there are more quality posts lined up.

In the meantime, please send positive thoughts to my iPhone to come back to me soon so all will be right in the world again. 🙂

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  1. There’s nothing like a good rest! Hope your iPhone comes back to you. I sure am used to using mine too.

  2. Home sweet home! And I wish your iPhone comes back to you too or maybe hubby can get you a new one 😉

  3. Maybe it’s the universe telling you to get the new iPhone. 🙂

  4. Good luck on finding your phone.

  5. Welcome back! The 25 days must have gone by so fast with all the activities back home. And I do hope that you”ve caught up on sleep by now and that your iPhone has found its way back to you.

    • Thanks! Yes – it was too busy! I don’t think I will ever sleep as much as I’d like to with these girls, but things are slowly back to normal. Sadly no, I have no iPhone. 🙁 It will have to wait until June…

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