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Once On A Mac, There’s No Turning Back


I was getting the girls ready to leave the other day and caught sight of our dining room table that I just had to take a picture.

My Mommyology Apple Products We Own

Apple literally runs our lives. (Missing: another iPhone, the old iPods, and a Time Capsule.)

It was only then when I realized what an Apple family we’ve turned out to be.  They have the best loyalty scheme and repeat purchase strategy ever, I tell you.  You don’t know you’ve actually gotten sucked into it until it’s too late and if you want your life to stay easy, then there is no way out of it!

Not that I’m complaining.  Well, not really anyway.  I do love all Apple products and software and while I have had my share of frustrations, I’d still have to say that the entire package that they offer is far more superior than any of the other available options (In my humble opinion).  I once read an article about how they don’t actually do consumer research, but think about what they would want and proceed to develop it from there.  That works, because more often that not consumer research will just give you a pulse of what’s already out there.  But for a lighthouse brand such as Apple, they get to create and dictate what should come next (In other related news, I wonder what Steve Jobs’ most recent announcement is going to do to them in the next few years!) .

I was recently talking to a sales representative, as I upgraded my MacBook Air to a MacBook Pro, and consequently shifted from a Leopard to a Lion.  The Air is still to be used within our home, but I hear that while compatible it is much easier if both units are on the same operating system (ie OX S Lion), and at the same time, I couldn’t install the most current software on the Air because the software required the newer operating systems to run.   Anyway, the sales representative was telling me that upgrading from a Leopard to a Snow Leopard to a Lion would only cost me $60, much cheaper than any other operating system that competitors were offering.  While that might be true, I couldn’t help but think that the reason why it appears “cheap”, is because all the other items and peripherals are sold separately at various “affordable” prices and you don’t realize it until you’ve purchased all of it.  Then you compute that you’ve spent a little bit more than you bargained for.

A few months later when the launch of more updated products and software come out, you actually end up spending again.  Whether you decide to wait another round or just upgrade as the new ones come, you spend the same.  Either way, they draw you (and your repeat business in), hook, line and sinker.  It’s no wonder that Apple is every now and then is the #1 global company (depending on whether Exxon performs well this quarter or not).

That is marketing, what else can I say.

(Back to the thought on Steve Jobs… man.  What’s it going to be like without him?)

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