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The Sniffles


Jamie at 5 months has gotten her first case of the sniffles (well it’s more of a runny nose kind of a situation but sniffles sound cuter and go more with her personality).  Another one of the things she lovingly picked up from her big sister Sam, as Sam does not discriminate when or when not to kiss (or cough) on her little sister.  We’re working on it though.

Normally Jamie has a very calm and quiet disposition, but not so much when she’s sick.  My little angel, the one who has made me believe again that babies CAN sleep through the night, is having a rough time of it.  She has been getting up almost every hour and needs to be held up or rocked to sleep in an upright position.  Plus she is clingy and looks for me more than ever.  As a result of course, I am losing sleep.  And I think I’ve mastered the Smooth Jazz Channel’s musical repertoire while creating all sorts of dance steps along the way.

I can’t stay in bed because I’m afraid that Sam will wake up as well (ahh the perils of co-sleeping!), as she is the lighter sleeper of the two.  So each time Jamie wakes up, I scoop her up and run out the bedroom into our rocking chair.  If I am lucky, Jamie will let me sit down and we both fall asleep there rocking her to sleep.  It’s amazing she hasn’t fallen out of my arms yet!  That being said, does anyone know where I can get new arms and wrists (and if the deal comes with a refurbished back, I WILL TAKE IT!)?

My Mommyology Little Noses Baby RubWorks like Vics but is milder.

Normally for colds and runny noses, I have what we call our “cold remedy kit” — with an aspirator, some nose drops, a vaporizer and some baby rub.  It’s still not easy though to listen to her cry as much as she has in the last three days, and that makes me feel helpless.  It’s a good thing she has a lot of cute cuddly fat stores that help her get by since she is not nursing as much either.

Because she is so young our pediatricians here prefer we stay away from any cold medication as much as possible, for as long as she doesn’t have a fever.  I actually kind of like that practice — since I find that when I’m in Manila, I’m very dependent on finding a quick medicated cure for everything.  Instead they’ve recommended exposing Jamie to the natural “vapors” that come from a hot steam room or bath, which help loosen the mucus so that it comes out of her nose (or through her poop).  All of these combined make it easier and hopefully it will only be a few more days until the cold actually does go away.

I managed to get through the week by infusing my system with coffee, chocolates and sodas.  Somehow it has helped, but really the best way I’ve found to combat my sleep deprivation and exhaustion is this:

Mymommyology Jamie's SmileIt just… makes my day (and night)!

One look is all it takes to re-energize me and keep me going for the day.  How can it not? 🙂

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  1. Awwww! Get well soon Jamie girl and take care of yourself mommy Jen! Hugs!

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