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My Mommyology Spin ClassSpin it out!

Now this is something I do for myself.

Every chance I get, I try to catch the spin class at our gym (One of my many favorite work-outs alongside Pilates) .  Mind you getting to a class is not as easy as it sounds.

If I try to catch the morning session:

1)  I have to make sure Sam is out the door with all the things she needs for school — milk, water, a change of clothes, insect repellant, and a lunch box packed with snacks and lunch (Thankfully my husband takes her to school.  Otherwise, my schedule moves back 30 minutes more so she is not late);

2) That Jamie is breastfed and that all the excess milk has been drained from my body.  I’ve read that excessive exercise builds up the lactic acid in one’s body and if that goes into her system, then she could get stomach aches (and the milk tastes sour I think).  Also, she has to be fed enough to last 90 minutes until her next feeding, as after a one-hour class, I have to flush out the lactic acid build up before feeding her.  I’ve tried a bottle, however she will not take it from anyone else but me, and so I find it useless to pack one.  I just try to time it right;

3) Then Jamie has to be changed, poop-free and ready to go;

4) Somehow I have food and water in me to survive the 60-minute workout; and

5) That we make it at least 7 minutes before the start of the class so that I can sign in, sign Jamie into the Childwatch center and leave word with the sitters there about what to expect from her (Is she sleepy, has she just been fed, yadah yadah…).  That leaves me with exactly enough time to set-up my bike and get on it just as the instructor starts “rolling out” (as she says).

If I try to catch the afternoon session:

1)  I have to make sure Sam gets her Kumon done first, and that she has her snack in her and has gone to the potty before leaving.  I have to pack her milk and water too because AFTER the gym that’s the first thing she looks for on the 5-minute ride home;

2) Sam has to also be mentally prepped to play in the gym, otherwise it is a challenge getting her out the door;

3) Dinner should be cooked and ready to be re-heated so that by the time we get home, we just rush through our dinner and bedtime routine;

4) That #’s 2 – 4 also happen; and

7) That we make it at least 20 minutes before so that I can sign in, turn the girls over to the Childwatch center, wriggle free of Sam’s delaying tactics and make it into the room to set-up a good bike.  Otherwise, they run out of bikes to ride!

My Mommyology Exercising Mommy

If there's a will there's a way!

As you can tell, it is a challenge to get there on a regular basis.  The tension and adrenaline of trying to make it all contribute to my spin energy, and God knows I need it when I get there.  When I am able to attend it is an achievement all on its own and I spin like I’m never going to get to do it again in a month.  The instructors’ high energy is easy to feed off and I try to match their pace and the weight intensity.  I am not quite that strong yet, so in reality I die trying!  I am beyond spent at the end of each class and I can hardly walk straight.

Thankfully for the past few weeks (except for the week when both girls were down with the sniffles) I’ve managed to go at least once a week.  It has already helped me lose a bit of weight (Yay!  Let’s celebrate with chocolates! Die!!!), but more than that, it is just one hour where I focus on ME.  It’s just me, the bike, my sweat and whatever it is that is going through my head (or not going through my head, like oxygen).  It’s the only time in my day — in my week really — when I am not attending to either or both girls’ various needs, and every mother I know needs that kind of a break.  I leave it all there, and come out drenched, physically exhausted but also re-charged.  Ironically enough, spinning does that for me.

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  1. Oh, I can imagine the frenzy just to get a work out, or in any case some kind of me-time, on a mom’s already frenetic schedule! Even a pedicure is such a treat! Great for you! I keep on saying, next year will be my year to return to yoga (Oh I so wish…)

  2. Glad you’re getting “me” time, Jen! Yehey!

  3. That tired me out just reading it. But I’m glad you have time for yourself.

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