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Date Night!


Let’s break the blog silence this week with the most recent, monumental milestone:  My husband and I went on an actual date last night! 🙂

Yes, it is a major event for us since the last time the two of us went out without either of the girls was about 15 months ago (I was in my first trimester with Jamie — not even before this blog began!).  To make a long story short, we obviously do not use the babysitting services most of my mom friends would avail of for their kids on a regular basis.  There are many reasons (and excuses), but in any case that has been our life for the last few years in Chapel Hill, and the girls have been left with either one of us on the occasion that one of us had to get out of the house at night.  Because of this choice, our “date nights” would revolve around Netflix movies at home, with one eye glued to the baby monitor at any point in time.  I’m not complaining, since there are nights when that is all I want to do (put my feet up with a bag of junk food in hand and occasionally a heating pack for my tired back — yes, I am old), but there would be some nice when I’d think about how in our pre-children days we would just take off whenever we wanted.  That seems like such a long time ago!

My mom and my brother are in town for the next few days and naturally I decided we could take advantage of this opportunity, as we did the last time when my mom was in town.  So a “proper” date it was!

My Mommyology Bin 54

One of the more popular fine dining restaurants

The girls cooperated and went to bed much earlier than usual (Well it did help that they both didn’t get proper afternoon naps and were quite loopy — yes, loopy — already come 8pm), which is always a great start to a date night.  I made sure the Jamie had an extra full stomach in the hopes that it would help her sleep thru the night too, and I prepped Sam about the evening.  They both seemed fine and by 830pm, we were free parents.

My husband figured that since it was a once-a-year special occasion then we would dine at a “fancy” adult restaurant instead of our usual kid-friendly staples.  So he took me to Bin 54!  This is a restaurant that we both have heard good things about over the years that we’ve been here, but have just never found a great reason to try it, up until tonight.  He said he would have had flowers waiting for me too, except the weather was too cold for him to get out again (excuses!  That’s okay, I think I was just happy it was starting out well).

We got to the restaurant and sat in a booth table that was really big enough to fit four or six people, since we’re so used to the idea of needing a lot of space, diaper bags and high chairs and all.  And then once the order was placed and we were left to our lonesome selves, we looked at each other for a while as if to say, “okay, what happens now?”

It was quite hilarious since we both looked happy but didn’t quite know what to do with both our hands children-free.  Normally one of us is chasing one child around, and the other one is holding the baby, and we take shifts in eating and entertaining.  They say that when you’re out on a date with your husband you’re not supposed to talk about the kids or domestic things, but granted that it has been our routine day in and day out, it was a little hard to break.  Plus, we are preparing for a big trip next week (which you will hear about too) and so we have a lot of logistics and planning on our mind.

Nonetheless it was good to be out again, just the two of us even for a little bit.  It’s funny how things are so different and yet are the same all at once.  At the back of our heads, I’m sure we were both still thinking of the girls and how they were doing, even if we knew we didn’t need to (since they were home with family anyway.  I suppose that’s what it means to be a parent?  You never really stop wondering about how your kids are).  We were both also consciously trying to ignore our phones, and I was silently praying that the girls would stay asleep and we wouldn’t receive an urgent call for us to come home in the middle of our meal.  We got through it nice and easy, with no rush, and just as we had handed over the bill to our server, my phone rang, with news that Jamie woke up looking for me.  So it happened at the right time and everything worked out well in the end.

I wonder when our next “date” will take place.  Hopefully though I won’t have to wait another 15 months for it!

Just in case I was imagining it, we took a picture of our yummy dinner as proof. 😉

My Mommyology Date Night

Our Date Night Meal!


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  1. YAHOO!!!! And I’m impressed with D ha! Fancy, fancy! Soooo happy for the two of you 🙂

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