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Oh my.  I didn’t realize it’s been days since my last post!  The days flew by that fast, I can tell you that.  Let me see if I can give you an overview of what’s been  consuming my time the past few days.

My Mommyology Thanksgiving Meal

Gobble gobble! Yummm!

Thanksgiving cleaning.  Thanksgiving was Elie’s birthday, but it was also the only time my husband had 4 straight days off work.  As such we did our version of spring cleaning in the winter.  I can’t begin to tell you how much things you can accumulate over the years without realizing it.  Also, I couldn’t believe how dirty our home had gotten over a short period of time.  Well to be fair, we both do as much sporadic cleaning as we can when we can… but there’s still some things that escape the day-to-day maintenance.  My big “aha! moment was that I realized I get things done at a much slower pace, because of the girls and their schedules and moods.  Of course, a main contributing factor to that was that they constantly mess things up on a daily basis anyway!

It all works anyway since my brother (whom I have not physically seen or been with in about two years!) and my mom are arriving in a few hours, and so we really did need to clean up the place anyway.  Now that everything is clean and orderly, it actually feels quite nice!  The question is, how long will it last…

Nonetheless for Thanksgiving, we were still able to enjoy a sumptuous meal with the other Filipino family in Chapel Hill.  I think I gained a few pounds that night because everything was delicious!  And of course, they are always great company to have and to share a meal with. 🙂

Oh and yes… how can we forget… Thanksgiving weekend = BIG BIG SALES!  So we (I) did a little shopping, much to the chagrin of my husband and his poor wallet.

Nap Schedule Shift.  Then, the last few days, my girls have decided to take turns take naps (If I am lucky to get Sam down for the afternoon).  I have been thinking about doing an anniversary Sleep Training Series post because of all of this, but I am still experimenting.  I have no conclusive results as of the moment (then again… will I ever?!).  I’ll keep you posted. 😉  Of course, the naps have also affected the night time sleep (and waking moments) and so of course, these have consequences on other aspects of my day, such as work and chores, which also eat into my me-time during the day.  You get the drift.

Well one part of it is that just very recently Jamie started to get more mobile.  She is scooting and army-crawling and getting into trouble.  Because of this new milestone development, she has not wanted to be left strapped into her chair or in the Pack & Play for very long, and therefore requires another pair of eyes at the back of my head.  Oh, why don’t people sell these kinds of body parts… they would definitely make money!

My Mommyology Birthday Cake

A slice of rainbow cake, what else would we have?

The big THREE!  Need I say more?  Sam’s birthday and all the preparations for it have definitely kept me busy.  Excited (yes), emotional (definitely!) and still physically busy.  So far Sam has had two mini-celebrations for her birthday already, and the third one with all her friends, the one she asked for, has yet to happen this coming weekend (I will definitely put up a post about that!).  I’ve also had to hide and re-wrap presents that have arrived in Amazon boxes, as she specifically asked for a red present on her birthdayIt turned out to be a good move on my part because when she opened the door the morning of her birthday to see a stash of gifts on the couch, she was BEAMING.  Words couldn’t even begin to describe the smile on her face, it was priceless, and I caught it on camera!  Hurray for me!

Apart from all those big ticket items, the “ber” months are really a busy time in general — Christmas is fast approaching and there are so many get togethers and activities and trips planned.  It feels like everything is moving at such a fast pace and soon enough another year will be over!  I guess the feeling of just finishing the year and trying to get everything done before then makes it all the more busy.

What about you, what’s keeping you busy these days?  Would love to hear it!

And whatever it is, don’t forget to breathe! 😉


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  1. That’s one good thing about being away from here, her birthday seems like Christmas because everyone mails their gifts over for her to open on birthday morning 🙂

  2. Hay! Napagod ako dun… Breathe 🙂 Can’t wait to see the birthday party post 🙂

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