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January 4, 2019
by mymommyology

Another New Year

New year — new blog format it seems! I guess it’s been a while since my last post!  As much as I tried my hardest to write regularly, life got in the way. Doesn’t it always? I will admit, man that … Continue reading

November 16, 2014
by mymommyology

Are We Too Busy?

Quite often, a family in our neighborhood asks me on a whim if my girls can come over to play with her little girl.  Right now?  Yes now. Quite often I decline (politely) because my girls have one activity or … Continue reading

December 1, 2011
by mymommyology

Busy Busy Busy!

Oh my.  I didn’t realize it’s been days since my last post!  The days flew by that fast, I can tell you that.  Let me see if I can give you an overview of what’s been  consuming my time the … Continue reading

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