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January 22, 2015
by mymommyology

My Mommyology Discovers: Bibbity Bobbity Boutique Princess Make-Over

Here’s a fun (and as my husband says – pricey!) discovery we made during one of our trips to Disneyland. In Fantasyland, there’s a store called the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, which pretty much sells everything royal.  At the back of … Continue reading

December 11, 2011
by mymommyology

Of Birthdays, Princesses and Dinosaurs

Last Saturday Sam had her third birthday celebration with friends and some family.  This was a plan that was long in the making, as from the first set of birthdays of the kids in her playgroup, she made it a … Continue reading

April 30, 2011
by mymommyology

Of Princes and Princesses: The Beginnings of Hopelessly Romantic Fantasies

I’ve always had the biggest crush on Prince William.  We met when I first glued myself to the TV after the death of Princess Di.  It was touch and go for a while;  he went off to St Andrews and … Continue reading

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