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Of Princes and Princesses: The Beginnings of Hopelessly Romantic Fantasies


My Mommyology YOung PRince William

The prince I wanted to marry.

I’ve always had the biggest crush on Prince William.  We met when I first glued myself to the TV after the death of Princess Di.  It was touch and go for a while;  he went off to St Andrews and did all those trips around the world I wasn’t able to keep up with him.  So we sort of lost touch, though I always thought of him.  (His loss you think? 😉 )

I don’t know what it was about him — I guess it was the innocent boyish charm, the (then) full head of blonde and I suppose in some way, the accent.  A full-fledged Prince Charming, just like in the fairy tales. Well — the fact that he was a REAL prince gave him plus points in my book.

Who wouldn’t want to marry Royalty?  From the minute we lay eyes on the Disney Princesses and their dream-come-true fairy tales at the young age of 4 or 5, we develop these hopelessly romantic notions of the perfect wedding, the perfect guy and the perfect happily ever after.  Then decades later, when reality sets in  you realize that the perfect life is only in fairy tales and far away places that are too expensive to live in.  Sometimes it’s full of politics too.  There aren’t that many Prince Charmings in this world either, mostly just charmings (or they try to be anyway).  Not really what you’re made to believe.

As I watched yesterday’s Royal Wedding I wondered if I should expose my girls to this fantasy at all.  They may just want to grow up to be princesses and marry princes like I did, and find out as they older that it doesn’t always translate into reality.

Then Sam woke up and caught me glued to the TV.  I introduced her to the Prince and the Princess, although I think she was more enamored by the carriages.  “It’s the King’s Horses mom!  Like in Humpty Dumpty!”  (yes, I am thinking of Princes and Princesses and she remembers an egg).  Soon though I’m sure, her interests will shift away from fictional nursery rhymes and onto the castles and the beautiful people and their Royal lives.  That would mark the start of the development of the hopeless romantic in her (as there is a small part of that in all of us I believe).

Oh well.  She and Jamie can have it.  It’s a fun part of childhood, what can I say.  One way or the other it allows us to dream and dream big.  It’s good for the emotion as it is for the imagination and it balances out the pragmatism that we try to instill in them as well.  Who knows what will happen in the future  anyway right?  It doesn’t hurt to dream my girls will find real-life Princes!

My Mommyology Royal Wedding Kiss

May this be a happy ever after!

I’d have to admit though,  yesterday’s wedding was a fairy tale come true.  Everything about it – the bride, the dress, the love story… everything.  Hopefully as all fairy tales end, they go on to live happily ever after and have beautiful beautiful children.  Hopefully their real life tale will be one that young girls like mine can aspire to, and won’t fall apart with all the pressures of the real world like a lot of high profile marriages do.

Now as for my reality — are you wondering if I married a prince?  Oh, he’d like to think so.  Heehee.  Okay, okay — to his credit, he can carry quite the british accent! 😉

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  1. Ang cute naman ni Sam!!! 🙂

  2. My wish for the happy couple…I hope William doesn’t lose any more hair 😉

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