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I’ve Been Chicify-ed!


Even though my family and I maxed out our luggage capacity on our most recent trip to Manila, I hardly brought home any clothes for me.  Sam’s pending Girl Scout Cookie and some other requests from home took precedence over my wardrobe.  That was fine with me — it left me with a lot of room and an excuse to shop! 😉

I’ve shied away from the typical retail brands (unless I do need something basic, like jeans for instane) because well — you can get a lot of the basic stuff in the States on sale, so nothing compares to that.  And for most of the clothes and accessories I’ve bought in Manila (so far!), I’ve gotten compliments from friends and strangers — both for my kids and for myself.  They’re of good quality, are “unique” yet easy-to-wear, and with a little styling, are versatile enough for most seasons (well, California really doesn’t have a harsh winter so yes!).  That says a lot considering the Philippines is a tropical country!

One brand that fits that bill in totality is Chicify.  Chicify is an online shopping site for women.  They sell clothes, shoes, accessories and carry new brands as well as their own line of clothes.  According to Tin (aka Manila Fashion Observer, my good friend and style guru… naks! — oh how lucky am I!) Chin Joson, the owner of Chicify, launched the site years back, but felt it needed some “updating and “curating”, if I were to borrow Tin’s words.  And so Chicify is also Tin’s baby as she is the current curator of the styles and fashion that come out on the site.

It was perfect too that I spent a few hours with her before meeting up with our friends for lunch to go through some of their clothes.  I did after all, need stuff to wear.  I walked away with a bunch!  I couldn’t decide they were all great pieces.  I would’ve gotten more had I not stopped myself.  And I’ve worn each one multiple times already.

One of my first purchases with Chicify was the Santorini Tunic, and the Racer Back Maxi.

A recent picture with my Two Tots Moms in the tunic.

A recent picture with my Two Tots Moms Zharina and Bea in the tunic.

I’m into loose fitting, flowy clothes —  how can I not be when I still have by baby-weight (it’s going strong at four and a half years! ;)).  These dresses make me feel extremely comfortable and less self-conscious and I find myself gravitating towards them when I enter my closet.  They’ve become my comfort pieces.

The Razor Back Maxi at the girls' ballet recital, semi-casual.  And hot!

The Razor Back Maxi at the girls’ ballet recital, semi-casual. And hot!

My recent favorite purchase was the Painter’s Dress.  I even took a selfie wearing it, and I’m not a selfie/OOTD kind of person!  But I did love it.

My most recent favorite Painter's Dress in Linen.

My most recent favorite Painter’s Dress in Linen.

And I love how the secret pockets are deep enough to put my phone and keys without me looking to bulky.  I got the Linen one over the denim but I may just go back for the denim one. 😉

They also had the Tunic Style Maxi Dress, and I absolutely loved the Tropical print and the Multicolor Print…. but it does call attention to you.  That’s not a bad thing really!  I love looking at well-dressed people who can play with prints.  My wardrobe style  (if you could call it that) is very subdued.  And as I got older I noticed a shift towards the blacks, dark blues and greys.  You’ll know me when you see me, I’m 95% in those colors.  So I chose the Monotone Print instead. 😉

My other favorite is the Pat Maxi Dress — which I would never have looked at if it weren’t for Tin.  I love the way it drapes, and how it can be so casual and yet something so formal!  I wore it to my brother’s pre-wedding party with my one good pair of heels, and I wore it again very casually with flats.

Left:  My brother's party in heels.  Right:  My #OOTD, I was about to walk out in slippers.

Left: My brother’s party in heels. Right: My #OOTD, I was about to walk out in my flats.

Also, a breakthrough — Tin convinced me to get the green one!  It’s not a hard “green” to wear either.  But knowing me, I also got the grey one just in case.  I know where I’m going to wear that one next!

Tin also suggested the Leandra Culottes.  Culottes have been out of my radar because I was very conscious about my hips.  But the culottes are not only comfortable, they’re tapered in just the right way so they don’t accentuate the hips.   It even has a bow that you can wear depending on the top you pair it with.

The clothes are versatile enough that I can wear them often and dress them up or down in many different ways.   Or, if you’re minimalist like me, I just wear them as is.

I’m actually not done shopping!  Tin and Chin constantly update the site, so there’s always something new and interesting.  I love how chic I feel in my Chicify clothes!

Chicify Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @Chicify.   Shop online at

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