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Losing the Baby Weight


It’s been 9 weeks, and has been made official.  As per my beloved midwife Meg during my 6 week postpartum check-up, I am physically, emotionally and mentally healthy and can go back to regular exercise.   Jamie is thriving and based their assessment of me, I am not going through postpartum depression, so it is time to bring my body back to its original shape.  Or at least, to desperately attempt to do so.  That and, my husband says we’re going to the beach in a few weeks.  Yikes!

My Mommyology Woman on scale

Don't deceive me weighing scale! Go LOWER!

Well the good news is, I’ve lost about 65% of the weight that I gained pregnant with Jamie  (of course, 8.3lbs of that initial weight was her so technically in absolute terms I didn’t lose THAT much), but am 70% off my ideal weight for my height.  The husband seems encouraging though because he says I look thinner everyday (then again — he’d get into trouble if he said otherwise!  But anyway, I am all to happy and all the more gullible to believe it) .  However, I am in-between wardrobes and I know that’s a tell-tale sign that I’ve a long way to go.  I am still in a pair of jeans that fit when I was 4 months pregnant — which only means, I must look like I’m still 4 months pregnant.  Oh boy.

My other excuse is that I froze my gym membership until June, and I’m thinking of freezing it further until Jamie is a bit older.  While I am dying to get back in shape,  I don’t think I’m ready to expose her to a daycare filled with germ-carrying children.

And… I would really really like a nice long nap.

But!  We MUST. LOSE. THE BABY WEIGHT.  There is no excuse.  And here I am, declaring it to the world so that I know I cannot back out of it (Go away evil chocolates!!!!).

As the weather is turning we will start by taking Jamie on strolls in the stroller.  And when the hubby is home and at least one of the girls is asleep, then he’s agreed to let me go to the gym for 30 minutes at a time with no interruption.

My Mommyology Mommy Squat

The little boy's face reminded me of Jamie's expression earlier.

Also, I realized that Jamie for now weighs at least 13lbs, which is more weight than I would normally use at the gym.  So she is good for mommy squats, leg presses and lunges.  We actually tried some today and while the movement at first confused her, she eventually fell asleep.  I now have a new technique to put her to sleep!  I wonder how she’d take to curl ups…

Ah yes.  The things we mothers do.  It’s no wonder they call us the masters of multitasking!

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


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