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I heard this phrase three times this week, all said by different unrelated human beings.  All said to me.

The first was at my dental check-up when my hygienist Terry gave my teeth and gums a thorough cleaning, and thereby a thorough “beating”.  I am to blame of course, for not coming back when I should have.  Plus the fact that I had just given birth and am nursing, my mouth was still recovering from all the hormones making it extra sensitive and sore.  Terry left me with strict instructions on proper brushing and flossing (As if I hadn’t heard it before) as well as a gentle reprimand of “We gotta take care o’ mom too.”

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Yesterday I went in for a check-up with a local Chiropractor, Dr. Chas Gaertner.  Again I hadn’t been to one in years and my back has been killing me (for years).  After my adjustments and massage (which felt oh soooo goood…), he gave me a set of stretching exercises to do repeatedly, at home.  “It’s to strengthen the muscles”, he says and catches me off-guard by following it up with, “just the little things to help take care of mom, ya know?”

Then today at Jamie’s two-month check-up (side info:  she is a nice, healthy 13lbs 12oz, as I had somewhat predicted in my previous post), her pediatrician Dr. Minozzi says to me when I ask if it’s too soon for her to miss feedings in the wee hours of the morning and instead let her sleep for 5-6 hours straight,  “Don’t worry if she’s not eating at that time.  You need the rest.  Take care of yourself!”

I wonder if God is trying to tell me something.

Or maybe — it’s actually a message for my husband! 😉  heehee!

My Mommyology take care of mom

Suggestions that dad can "surprise" me with. Subtle enough you think?

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  1. Awwww!!! Yes take care of yourself Super Mommy! *hugs*

  2. Did your husband hear any of these 3 reminders? =)

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