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The Grand Fiesta of Two Little Men


I’m beginning to understand the ensuing culture of grand children’s birthday parties in Manila.  Once in a while, it’s fun to bring one’s creativity and imagination to life through a celebration that’s going to happen anyway.  You want the guests to be entertained, and you want everyone to have a great time.  It doesn’t hurt anyone and everyone goes home happy and satisfied.  Plus, if it is one’s passion and talent, then of course why shouldn’t one put it to good use for their children ey?

My best friends Polly and Marc are probably THE most creative couple I know.  Polly has an eye for stylish, chic and absolutely tasteful things, and Marc is the most game out-of-the-box thinker on this planet, I kid you not.  They also — by the way — throw the best parties.  The latest one was the grand celebration for my two (god)sons (yes, I’ve staked claim over them so I can say I already have boys), whose birthdays are really only days away from each other.

Polly didn’t reveal much in the times that we got together, but it was only to say that she was doing a lot of the elements of the party herself.  She and Marc would canvas and plan, and you’d get glimpses of what to expect here and there, but all in all worth the wait.

The boys had as their theme a grand Mexican Fiesta, Nacho-Libre style.  And everything was impeccably done, down to the last detail.

Lucha Libre Para Todos!

Lucha Libre Para Todos!

Polly mentioned that they did a lot of DIY, like the mask activity that the kids got to color and wear.  Not only was that creative and practical, it was also really fun.

In the corporate world, one of the key things we tried to do was to create the perfect brand experience at the consumers’ every point of contact.  My goodness if this were a product for sale, it would fly off the shelves.  Again, every little thing was given the perfect amount of attention and everything was thought-through, down to the last Lime.

For the event’s styling, Polly and Marc sought out the help of the talented Indy, of She Dreams in Ink.  Indy I’m told styles photoshoots and other kiddie events.  She had brought every bit of the Lucha-Fiesta to life.  She made use of some of Polly’s existing event materials, and put together this candy and dessert buffet (also filled with yummy desserts mind you!).

Photo by the talented Tammy David!

Photo by the talented Tammy David!

It was purposefully done to include every possible aspect of the boys’ favorite things, such as their love for anything rainbow-colored.

Every table had some Mexican touch to it that was also totally authentic.  Who would have thought to use beer bottles and real lime as decorative pieces at a children’s party?  Nice.

As you can see my husband is already enjoying the yummy food...

As you can see my husband is already enjoying the yummy food…

Speaking of the food, the Fongs got Mexicali to cater and serve some of the best quesadillas and burritos I’ve tasted so far.  I tell you, since then I haven’t stopped craving for Mexican food.  In fact I think I will drag Polly there for lunch one of these days!  Even the food stands were as if they were part of an authentic street fiesta, and the servers wore sombreros. 🙂

Both children and adults had a blast.  And we all could tell that every single inch of that party (all the way down to their youngest son’s hand-sewn costume!) was a true labor of love.

Photo by Tammy David.  Styling by Indy!

Photo by Tammy David. Styling by Indy!

And really, that’s what it’s all about.

Congrats to the Fongs for such a perfect little party for two perfect little boys!  You are such creative inspirations to us all! 😉

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