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My Babywearing Experience


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I recently received a message from a new mom, asking me about my personal experience on babywearing.  Now before I go on, I will remind you that this is really just my point-of-view, and the limited experience I’ve had with baby carriers .  If you want more advice and helpful information I will point you in the direction of some babywearing experts and dear friends, Jenny Ong, Eliza Ypon and Jen Tan.   Now moving on. 😉

When I had Sam, I’d have to admit babywearing wasn’t in my consideration set of things to do.  I had a stroller, and I had two free hands dedicated to one child.  I found a way to manage.  From the get-go I knew that carrying my baby was going to strain my back, granted that I’ve a 30˚scoliotic C-curve since my adolescent years.  I only carried her when I really needed to (which I do think is a lot more than I initially expected).

All of that changed when I knew Jamie was coming.  Then in Chapel Hill and mostly on my own, I couldn’t visualize carrying Jamie while trying to play with Sam, keep her safe or chase after her at the same time.  I would either drop one, or lose the other.  I even wrote a post about choosing between a sling or a double stroller.  In the end, we got both and often used them in tandem, but the sling was a constant travel companion no doubt.  It stayed in my day bag without a second thought.

It took me a while to find “the perfect sling” for me, but after much research I settled on the Baby K’Tan.  It was also recommended by KK, my trusted and reliable midwife and source of all things baby and motherhood.  She knew my back problems, she knew my concerns and she’s put many a newborn in a sling while she busied about with the other chores in the house.  When Jamie was born, it was her new favorite “tool”.  KK has never failed me and without a second thought I took her advice and got myself one.

I liked the K’Tan because it was like a shirt you could wear.  The fabric would stretch and move, but would always go back to its taut stage after a quick trip into the dryer.  It was also wide enough so that the weight distribution wasn’t just on the shoulders.  My back didn’t hurt like it used to with the other carriers.

I was easily able to manipulate the fabric.  And it worked out well because Jamie was (is) a sensitive and emotional child.  I think it did her good to be physically close to me as much as possible for as long as possible.


Jamie at 3mos, snug and warm in her kangaroo pouch

Jamie at 3 mos, snug and warm in her kangaroo pouch

The Baby K’Tan grew as Jamie grew.  It stretched just enough to accommodate her current size and abilities, like holding her head up.  And we all got used to it, even Sam.  She knew that for us to explore the museum freely, we’d have to secure Jamie in the sling first before we walked off.  The K’Tan gave us the flexibility to stay out even during Jamie’s nap time, because she could easily fall asleep in it and we could go about our business.

Jamie settling in for her nap.

Jamie settling in for her nap.

If only for that it was a valuable asset to me.  Jamie could still get her nap in comfortably, and Sam could still have her fun with me.

Where's Jamie?  Asleep on me while we enter the world of Mammals.

Where’s Jamie? Asleep on me while we enter the world of Mammals.

When we went on a trip to D.C., the K’Tan was our best friend.  Sam was no longer napping at this time, but Jamie still took about two naps a day.  She took them in her K’Tan sling.  We were walking around for most of the day and carrying things with us, we needed as many hands available as possible.  It even allowed me to hug and cuddle Sam during the times that she needed it.

The K'Tan helped me multi-carry my children, especially when they both wanted me.

The K’Tan helped me carry both my children simultaneously, especially when they both wanted me.

During the times Jamie was awake, she could easily see the world from the comfort and stability of her position in my pouch.

Jamie in front-facing postion

Jamie in front-facing position

Even while in the states, I recommended the K’Tan to friends in Manila, however the feedback I received then was that it still wasn’t available locally.  So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when, during my first Mommy Mundo Bazaar last year, I discovered that Tiff of My Baby Dragon brought the K’Tan slings into the country!  How perfect, yet another option for multitasking mommies who’d like to babywear.

Tiff also distributes Bamboo Baby Organic clothing, which is great for kids and the environment as well.  Jamie loves the sleepwear that we bought from them a few months back at yet another Mommy Mundo Bazaar. 🙂

My Baby Dragon is generously giving away a K’Tan of your choice and a Bamboo Baby gift pack to one lucky winner.  It’s the perfect time too, now that Christmas is around the corner and things get busy on all fronts.  Just follow the simple steps and we’ll draw a winner at the end of the month!

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Thank you Tiff!

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