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I’ve been thinking about Chapel Hill a lot these last few days.  I miss the simplicity and the uncomplicated pace of life we had then.  Have I said this before?  Maybe.  It’s still a recurring theme for me, and I continue to surprise people when I say I’d still choose to move back despite all the other “helping hands” that are available to us here.

I’m always asked how I managed a home with two kids, no yaya and a husband who was working full-time (and really over there, I found it much easier!  But more on that in a separate post).  A majority of it I owe to a lot of the items that made the day-to-day life from the birth of one child, to the raising of two, a whole lot easier.

When I go through my list of #TrustedTools from five years ago through to today, I realize that a lot of what we used were Philips Avent products.  When both girls were babies, I’d pump milk and place them in the storage cups for the nights when I couldn’t wake up and Dad had to take over the feeding.  I thank the Avent bottle warmer for bringing the stored milk back up to room temperature (no microwaving!).  We also had an Avent sterilizer that quickly got every baby item sterile in no time at all.

As the girls were growing up and adding solids to their food regimen, there were the Avent plates, saucers and utensils that made eating colorful and fun.  They learned to feed themselves.  These plates, saucers, and spoons would fall (and quickly get sterilized!), but thankfully there were splat mats to catch the mess.  At the end of the day, we’d just toss the dirt from the splat mat and wipe it away.

The new Philips Avent range has feeding sets with suction cups at the bottom, to help kids get a better grip (pun intended)  on their food.  It makes it much easier and you may not even need a splat mat anymore since there’s no more mess to catch!

Photo credit:  Momma N' Manila!

Photo credit: Momma N’ Manila

Even on the road, the girls had their no-spill snack cups and sippy cups so they could feed themselves in their car seats while I drove to and fro.  And can I just say — about these sippy cups.  There came a point when my husband would open the cabinet and all kinds of sippy cups would fall on his head (he hasn’t let me forget it).  I call this period in time:  “The Search for the Perfect Sippy Cup”.

My husband would complain about how little fluids the girls would get with some no-spill sippy cups, and I couldn’t really count on the girls to stay dry if I handed them one of the more “open” ones while we ran errands.  Reaching back every now and then to give them a sip wasn’t really the safest solution to our problem.

That was until we discovered the Avent Natural Cup.  This one has a round enough spout so the child doesn’t have to suck the life out of it to get water.  It’s also lip-activated, meaning it will only pour out the water when the child is ready to drink from it.  And once the child stops, it also stops!  It’s quite the innovation!  Jamie made good use of hers, and she still did up until a few months ago when she switched to a regular straw like her Ate.  It was a shame though that we didn’t find it earlier for Sam to use too.

This was Jamie's 1st good cup!

This was Jamie’s 1st good cup!  Photo credit:  Philips Avent

It’s innovations like these that bring brands like Avent closer to a mom’s heart.  It feels like every mother’s needs for her child are thought-through.  Not only that, the products are made with utmost quality, it’s guaranteed to last.  To this day, Avent continues to innovate and improve their line of what I fondly call #TrustedTools, to help make mom’s job of caring for her child(ren) easier.  They have the New Natural of products including a breast pump that some of my fellow #SoMoms swear by.  They also have an improved baby monitor which was reviewed by Kris of OcMominManila.  And there are other Avent gadgets too like the blender to help process food; all tools which can help ease mom through the parenting roller coaster.  After all, we do need all the help we can get!


And because Avent wants more moms to experience their Trusted products, they’re giving away THREE Avent Natural Cups right here, right now! 🙂 

For this promo, we’d like a little bit more audience participation.  So we’ll ask you to take a photo of your most #TrustedTool that has helped you through your parenting journey, and post it on your Instagram account (please set your profile settings to Public so Philips Avent can see the photo!).  The other raffle entries are easy, and should give you a better chance at winning. 🙂
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  1. For me the most trusted tool a mother should have is an insect repellant. In this day, mosquitoes are everywhere. We have a polluted environment now and we have to protect our kids from mosquito bites which dengue can be caught.

  2. I love Philips Avent products too! I love their steamer/blender! It’s one of the tools that really helped me when Luna started her solids!

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