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Plastic Piles


I was featured! (There is a mutual admiration between myself and OCMom, I will not deny that, heehee!).  Do read more on the link below.

My O.C. Mommyologist Friend’s Plastic Piles.

My Mommyology OC Trophy

I'm so honored!

As it is the season Oscars and Golden Globes, and I feel like I’ve just won an award, let me go ahead and thank:

  • OCMom – for believing in my OC standards and abilities enough to make it onto your blog (and for my Aquasana Shower Filter!);
  • My Mother-in-law – for teaching me the triangular ways of plastic-folding;
  • Friends who have come and gone in this apartment – for always taking at least one bag when you go for whatever reason;
  • My husband – for always wanting to accumulate plastic bags such that I am constantly challenged and on my feet as to how to keep them in check;
  • Your Brand Story – just because; and
  • My daughters – who are a true source of inspiration.  The environment that I “save” is for you my dears! 😉

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. It feels like that episode in Friends where Phoebe is using the shampoo as the trophy to practice her thank you speech =)

  2. I enjoyed reading both posts. 😀

    What’s the “triangular ways” of plastic folding? Maybe you can do a step by step guide on the next post? 😀

  3. May I link to this post for an upcoming blog entry? 😀

  4. You’re welcome! I’ll read yours too!

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