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The Singing Toddler


Sam loves to sing.  It’s amazing as to how she can “memorize” a song after listening to it several times in a row.  In the car, she’ll hear one of her Kindermusik songs and have me play it back for the whole car ride.  Of course, by the time we get home, I’ve memorized the song(s) too.  They say repetition is good for them because it helps build cognitive development — I just don’t know if it means listening to a song ten times in a row and sounding like a cute broken record.

My Mommyology Baby Beluga

Mommy has to learn it now...

One night — or should I say, one “wee hour of the morning” to be more accurate — she sat up at 4AM.  She tried to wake both me and her Dad, and while I think we both woke up, we just pretended to stay asleep in the hopes that she would just eventually go back to sleep on her own.

Instead, she got several of her dolls and started singing all kinds of songs continuously for at least 45 minutes.  It was kind of cute too because it had different pitches and intonations and she carried the melodies quite well.  She went from Barney, to Elmo, to nursery rhymes, and to some songs she’d picked up in school.  I did all I could not to sit up and laugh or clap.

In the morning, I asked her about it (because there was a song I couldn’t make out), and she said, “Babeee Bah-woooga mom“, and then started singing it for me again, extending the ooohs and the aaahs where needed.  For the life of me I had no idea what a bah-woooga was, and I was trying to make out some of the words (you know how when you sing phrases fast, sometimes it garbles?  Imagine a toddler stumbling through them with only the last syllable clear) .  I thought I heard “deep bwoooo sea” somewhere in there though, and confirmed that the new song they were learning at school was called Baby Beluga (by Raffi).  Since I try to reinforce what she learns in school here at home, Sam has learned to expect me to sing the songs she sings at school.

So I looked up the lyrics, and here we are, playing it at least twenty times a day now.  SchoolTube – Baby Beluga Lyrics.  I too have it memorized in my head (complete with a visual of a beluga and a dolphin swimming in the sea).

Her teachers say she can sing the song in school better than they can, and they are quite impressed at how quickly she picks up a new song.  She sometimes just breaks into a tune, and will sing the whole song through and through, even while doing another project like painting.  Well, at least we know she’s got talent.  Who knows, it might be something that will work to my potential early retirement plan! 😉

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  1. Good job, Sam! ♥ ♥ ♥

    But Mommy, what do you do when it (the song) just becomes too painful to listen to one more time??? I salute your and Dada’s heroism when forced to listen to a song one too many times…

    • Haha! Yes I know what you mean, by golly. Sometimes I “coerce” her to listen to something else for a little while, just so that it doesn’t come pouring out of my ears. Hahaha. It’s a good thing she likes a lot of songs, so we have several to choose from. 😉

  2. Where’s the video? Please papa donz make music video of Sam!

  3. paladinsthe video? Please papadonz make music video of Sammie

  4. Awwww! Way to go, Sam! 🙂

  5. Just like Tito Pau! Hahahahahaha 🙂 It must run in the family 🙂 Yes I agree with Ninang Migs – please ask Donny to make a video!!! 🙂

    • Tito Pau sings nursery rhymes at 4AM? 🙂 hahahaha! just kidding! Okay we will try to make a video! Ang hirap e! May shy-gene kasi siya (which she obviously didn’t get from her dad…)

  6. Aw, Sam, no singing at 4AM. Hahaha.

    At that age, the music and movement part of MMM was also Mika’s favorite. And the teachers were amazed at how much she retained. When Sammie comes home, she and Mika can make a toddler band.

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  8. Jen I knew exactly the song she was referring to even before I got to the part where you said it was baby beluga because I experienced the exact thing with Kai She kept singing BABY BEYOOGAH BABY BABY BEYOOGAH.. I was like …”what the heck??” It was only when I kept repeating it in my head that I realized she was singing one of her songs in her nursery rhymes playlist 🙂 haha

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