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The New Gift Wrapping


My Mommyology boxes

Thank you to those that sent these. Without you, this photo would not have been possible.

‘Tis the season for deliveries.  Be they gifts, or shopped-for items, it seems like we see the UPS guy quite regularly around this time of the year (give or take two weeks).

He knows it too!  The other day after dropping off two packages, he said very matter-of-factly, “So, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”  A couple of months ago, after we switched apartment buildings (from 7 to 8), a package was delivered to our old apartment, and yet he came knocking on our door.  It seemed like he knew where we were!  And, he told us to tell the sender that we’ve already moved.  I guess that’s how often he delivers to us, and I don’t even know his name!

Anyway, looking at the boxes from a Mommyology point-of-view, whether they are Christmas or birthday presents, they don’t look very exciting aesthetically.  I know, I know… from an operational and sustainable standpoint, of course this is the best way to go.  But a part of the thrill of receiving presents (for toddlers) is unwrapping a nice-looking present!  So why don’t Amazon, Toys R’ Us and the like, have nice boxes used for delivery?  Not the gift-wrapping option that some companies already offer, mind you (even I don’t click that), but ready-delivered nice, colorfully designed boxes / presents.  With ribbons!  Operationally yes it could be a pain, but… 1) it looks prettier when it arrives at your doorstep; 2) you know it’s a gift that needs to be opened on a certain occasion, and 3) if it’s for the kids, then they can enjoy opening it too, without mommy having to bring out the scissors or the cutter to get through packing tape.

Don’t get me wrong; while I love the convenience the online shopping and patronize the system, I always think to myself that sadly, the trade-off has taken away a child’s thrill of opening beautifully wrapped presents.  Or even my own thrill of opening a present!

Incidentally, I also have images of our nice UPS man in a red suit and Santa hat with a big red bag (instead of his brown uniform and hand-trolley).

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  1. Post his photo! Is he cute? Would he like to meet Chari? Haha.

    Are my gifts in boxes? I asked to have them wrapped so please make sure they’re wrapped.

    • Haha, I think he’s married and a little too old for Chari! But he’s pleasant-looking! 😉 I hope he’s not biting his tongue right now…

      Yes your gifts came wrapped, thank you for being one of the few OC people to gift-wrap heehee. But of course the “wrapping” comes in a dark blue felt bag (which I will keep for storage stuff) and a gold ribbon. Pwede na to hide, but it still doesn’t look as colorful as the stuff in the post in your picture!

  2. i should’ve opted for wrapping pala. i actually almost did. won’t happen again!

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