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It’s All About the Teacher: A Mommyology Review


My Mommyology loves Kindermusik!

Rebecca is awesome. We love her!

I would like to dedicate this post to a wonderful children’s teacher — my daughter’s Kindermusik instructor, Rebecca Dyck.

I’ve taken Sam to several different classroom and developmental settings over the course of her 2-year life.  Even I, in my past life, have taught part-time in a children’s play and learn franchise in Manila and have seen and felt the difference from what we get with Rebecca as a teacher.  After being with Rebecca for over a year, I am convinced that the supplemental development of your toddler (and mine!) is highly highly highly dependent on the teacher, more than it is on the program.

I feel that set curricula and the science behind each children’s learning franchise such as Kindermusik are only half of the equation.  Well, 1/3 really, if you count the parents’ role in their lives.  It is the teacher who brings it to life, and adapts it to the level that her class can take.  What’s important as well, is that the teacher educates the parent / guardian on the rationale behind each activity, so that they understand its importance, and can reinforce it at home.  Some teachers I know will take the lesson plan and use it as is, even if it might not make sense to anyone, and I that can be very isolating.

I truly believe, Rebecca has played a big role in Sam’s over-all development and love for music.  Sam imagines, sings and remembers a lot of what we do in our Kindermusik class on a daily basis, and is always out for more.  She can even adapt it to the situation that we’re in at the moment.  For instance, the song “Hot Cross Buns”, when we’re eating a donut that I’ve just heated, or chicken soup which needs some cooling, she will change the lyrics on her own to sing “Hot hot donut” or “hot chicken soup”, in the same tune.  It is amazing and amusing to hear. I’m sure I’m not the first parent to say that!

Thank you Rebecca, for bringing out the best in her and in everyone in the class.  What would we do without you!

The Moral of the Story: Never settle for a mediocre teacher for your toddler.  It doesn’t matter if the institution is well-known and established, but it does make a difference that the teacher/s are progressive, passionate, and are committed to your toddler’s individual development.

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  1. Wow! How young was Sam when she first attended Kindermusic?

  2. Ang cute naman ni Sam! 🙂 And thank God for great teachers!

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