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January 2, 2014
by mymommyology
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My Mommyology in 2014: Do It Right

Happy New Year folks. I apologize if I fell off the face of this earth for a while.  I think the holi-daze took quite the toll on me.  I have much to say, especially now that the new year has … Continue reading

February 5, 2013
by mymommyology

The Funny Thing About January 29

Generally people use the turn of the new year to start fresh.  New Year’s resolutions, goal-setting, the plans for the next 12 months – it all starts after the fireworks at 12:01 of January 1. That’s never really worked out … Continue reading

January 1, 2012
by mymommyology

Happy New Year from MyMommyology!

There is a belief that whatever it is you do on New Year’s you will do for the rest of the year.  If that is the case, then one of the things I would love to do all year round … Continue reading

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