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The Casualties of Quarantine


Happy Mother’s Day folks!

I hope this quarantine mother’s day is filled with your heart’s desires — despite all forms of social distancing that is happening around the world.

As for me, my wish today was not to cook and clean. Just that simple… It’s also because I’ve been cooking and cleaning constantly over the last two months. It’s almost been 8 weeks since our quarantine started and our lives are changed forever.

The cooking as you might have seen in my last post, isn’t so bad. We are eating healthy and eating well. But it just feels like I spend all my time in front of the stove or the oven.

So today, I requested to stay away from it. And my me-time today involved writing. 🙂

Our last 8 weeks in this home together has really changed a WHOLE LOT. I told my best friend in Vancouver how I don’t recognize myself anymore.

To start… our family grew. In the furry department.

They came home one Saturday while I was working, and I came down to this.

Yes… we got guinea pigs. And not just one, either — three! *faint*

Jamie has been asking for a pet since forever. And my husband made this deal with her to get it for her 10th birthday, which is technically next year.

But we talked about it, and realized that with all of us home with nowhere to go, we said that maybe now would be a good time to get the girls their pets, and teach them some responsibility.

So, I took a deep breath (and of course had multiple deep breaths thereafter), and said hello to our new furry babies.

Clockwise from the top, meet Sansa, Vanilla, and baby Nutmeg.

Within a week’s time we quickly realized that they need their own space. And so… I also said goodbye to my guest room.

We got rid of the carpet, the bed, and the girls moved their work spaces downstairs to accommodate the “piggie suite“.

But that wasn’t all we said “goodbye” to, because as we were moving furniture and re-arranging the house, Jamie’s gymnastics equipment came in.

Let me backtrack for a little bit… when the lockdown happened and the gymnastics gym closed, the girls stayed “fit” through their Zoom conditioning sessions 3x a week.

But then Jamie said to me, “mom, most of my teammates have gym equipment at home that they practice some of the skills. I’m worried that when I go back, I’ll be so far off from them.”

Now while I am not one to keep up with the Jones’ just for the sake of doing so, I saw and felt her worry. We also didn’t know when they’d be back at the gym.

It forced my husband and myself to look at our space and ask, “how can we accommodate Jamie’s needs today?

Oh… parenting.

For the love of my child — I said goodbye to my loft as well.

Well. It is a family area. So I suppose it is what the family needs at the moment…

All the furniture-moving probably took it’s toll on my husband and his back, because a few days later, his back gave way.

It’s that… or all the expenses took its toll… 😉

And for about three days in between handling the children, the business AND the new furry babies, I ended up with another patient.

Thankfully, in a few days’ time, he was able to move a little bit better. But I suppose my fatigue gave way, and my iPhone felt it.

He put packing tape on it so I wouldn’t get glass in my fingers.

Has it been crazy? Yes. I’m sure crazy looks a little different in each of our households. But hang in there, and take stock of how far you’ve come!

A lot has happened and changed for us in the last 8 weeks. Some of it still makes my head spin! All-in-all though, I keep going back to the girls. If they are happy, healthy and we’re all surviving this quarantine okay… then we’ll take it all in stride.

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.

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