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So it has begun.

Emergency Distance Learning (or EDL as it is called) curriculum was issued today. Our city is on lockdown, so that means even my husband is on work-from-home mode –all of us trying to do our part and flatten the curve, and slow the spread of the coronavirus.

I am completely on board with this principle. I think being proactive is the best way to get out of this self-quarantine sooner than later. If everyone just cooperates, it will work out for us all in the long run.

But for now… Everyone is home *faint*.

Yesterday — we were a hot mess. On top of the fact that it was my daughter’s birthday (more on that soon), it was a flurry of excitement and nrevousness over this “new normal”. Just getting everyone through breakfast, set-up and where they needed to be.

We talked about physical space.

6th grader needs the privacy. So into the guest room she goes.

I gave everyone theirs, and as the morning went on they all got into their routine, of checking homework and doing their collaboration calls.

The husband of course gets the official office — he says he really needs to be “at work”.
And Jamie got the official study area (with the growing pile of pre-edl activities around her).

I got the room with a view — and the explosion of the morning.

Central to the chaos.

Mine is also the most public room in the house, because apart from trying to work on my own to-do list, I need to be accessible (lest we have the yelling of “Mooom!” during periods of serious work and study). For some strange reason (you tell me), MOM seems to be the solution for everything.

I have to facilitate food, clean-up and schedules across three other people. ALL. DAY. LONG.

Typically when they all leave for work and school, there is quiet. I settle into my own routine for the day, depending on what needs to be done… but I get it done.

Yesterday the quiet didn’t last very long (on top of the fact that I now have clients too who need my attention)… thanks to “recess”, “PE” and the mere intermingling of everyone as they came to get a drink or a snack. It was also the need to connect with MOM to tell me what just happened and share stories… Yes. Constant interruption — ALL. DAY. LONG.

It was very hard to be productive. Sometimes close to impossible. It took forever to check off items on my to do list, to the point that I was a little panicked that it would just get longer as this self-quarantine went on.

Fight the overwhelm. FIGHT.

Are you laughing — or do you sympathize?

Then I think — this is all new to everyone now working from home. And I need to call on some patience, and give us all some grace. There is a learning curve, an adjustment period… it will get better.

The world outside is already chaotic, crazy and scary — I really cannot bring that into my house and into my now very public work space.

I posted this on my Instagram account the other night because I think it’s what’s going to get me through this “new normal”. What can I control?

I need to focus and take deep breaths. It’s really all I can do at this point.

I’m finding so many more people very understanding of our current situation. I was on a webinar earlier (not on mute) and somehow my kids’ interruptions of my discussion became comedic and a light reprieve. I suppose it is finding the good in the little things.

We just have to roll with the punches and take everything in stride. And hopefully sooner than later — if we all do our part, we can all breathe a little easier, and exhale a little bit more.

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