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Two Tots has done a lot in the last two years.  It’s wonderful to see that our products have indeed, stood the test of time and “grown” with our clients — in a manner of speaking.

As ours are customized pieces of furniture, we have seen some of our traditional furniture increase in size as well — to accommodate these growth spurts.

Our Elizabeth “twin” – in California King size!

More space needed – work desk and drawers.

As space becomes more of a luxury these days, and the cost of real estate rises, more parents have asked us to incorporate additional storage in their limited areas.  We think it’s smart!

Storage where we can. Under the bed, why not?

Designs as well are trending toward more minimalist with small, elegant touches here and there.

Slight waves to add depth and dimension.  And storage!

Our traditional pieces, with little touches of roundness for a more custom look.

We still get the occasional, very specific requests.  And as much as we love to help shape the outcome of a room (or a piece of furniture), we also love bringing our clients’ visions to life.

Clockwise: 1) A navy blue cabinet, 2) A TV stand with drawers, and 3) A ballet barre and mirror.

That ballet barre and mirror is genius, if I do say so myself — for aspiring and dedicated ballerinas-to-be.

And then, there’s the trend on two toned pieces.

Left: Work desk
Right: Fish-tail side table

The fish-tail side table is another customer-inspired piece and we love that she allowed us to share this idea with the world.  We’ve gotten so many inquiries about it too.  This piece however requires a lot of labor-intensive work, but it is made with a lot of love!

Of course, we still have the accessories that can complement these pieces available at our showroom.

Accessories that fit and complement custom-made furniture.

Our pals at the showroom would love for you to come and visit!

We still post regularly on Instagram and Facebook, at @twototsph.  But for quotations, it is better to reach us at  Because each piece is custom-made, to be able to give you an accurate estimate of cost, we need to match this with its corresponding specifications.  That’s hard to do in a text response.

And yes, it is July — coming soon will be our #2THoliday2018 Collection!  (How is it Christmas already?!)

If you’d like to visit the Two Tots showroom, please let us know and we’d be happy to put you down for an appointment!


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