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Summer Eats and Treats

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I’ll take a break from the travel diaries for a bit and talk a little bit more about some things close to our tummies.  It’s summer — a good time to eat.  And as you know the #SoMoms — we always love a good eat.  Or treat.  Here are some of the places and treats I’ve been to (or ordered and had) with my mommas in the last few months…


Dad’s Saisaki Kamayan.  My very first memory of Dad’s buffet in the SM Megamall was going there with my then-high school friends.  Eat-all-you-can (with a clean plate after or else you pay double the price!) was a fairly new concept for a restaurant back then (did I just date myself?!  Goodness!).  But it was loads of fun because I could eat a little bit of everything I wanted, or as much of everything I wanted too.

No surprise, eons later, Dad’s is still around and better than ever.  Dad’s is now Dad’s Saisaki and Kamayan — all run by the Villavicencio family.  They now call it the Dad’s World Buffet, because they have stations that serve cuisine from each country.  Fourteen to be exact.  And it’s all guaranteed fresh and good quality.  The sushi in particular.  Cara Villavicencio came to talk to the #SoMoms at the #BetterMe session they sponsored and she told us that food safety is very important to them.

Spot the #somoms who love to eat! ;)

Spot the #somoms who love to eat! 😉

She also mentioned the thrust of the Dad’s Saisaki Kamayan buffet — where they aim to have something for every member of the family, for practically any occasion.  It’s quite the good deal.  Dad’s Saisaki Kamayan has a Facebook page and a website that you can refer to for their latest promos and updates.

Sambokojin.  Speaking of Japanese food and buffet, another yummy discovery (again thanks to another #BetterMe session with Coach Pia) was Sambojokin.  Run by the Villavicencios as well (but this time by their son Bokie), they follow the same principle of trying to give everyone the same sumptuous experience of eating as they had when they were kids (it must have been nice growing up in their household!). 

Sambo Kojin means Kitchen God in Japanese, and true to form, you can actually cook your own food.  Yakiniku is what the beef is called I think.  Then there are a dozen different kinds of sauces that can go with it too.  Again everything is fresh and yummy and of good quality!

I always discover delectable items with these ladies.

I always discover delectable items with these ladies.

Sambokojin has its own Facebook page and website for more information.

Casa Marcos.  For good Spanish-inspired food, there’s the re-opened Casa Marcos.  It’s run by Muffin Galvez and her brother.  They’re the third generation in her family to run the resto since her grandfather opened it in 1945, in honor of a client and good friend named Marcos.  Upon its re-opening, Muffin’s family decided to re-vamp the menu to include traditional Spanish cuisines.  And my goodness, they are quite sumptuous!

The appetizers alone — almejas (baked oysters), gambas (spicy shrimp) and the tenderloin are to die for.  The Paellas are a favorite too.  For “lighter” meals, they have their sandwiches in the pandesal that’s also for sale in their sister stand, Bread Bag.  Even the bread is really good.  And their dessert — pudding à la mode… mmm!

#CasaMarcos favorites.

#CasaMarcos favorites.

Casa Marcos can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts : @casamarcos.


Tazzy Cakes.  I first discovered Tazzy Cakes when friends Jackie and Neva invited us to their kids’ birthday parties.  They had the most awesome birthday cakes (and cupcakes to boot).  Not to mention, the quality of the cake was very light and moist and just absolutely delicious.  When I did some digging and poking around, I contacted the genius and artistic talent behind Tazzy Cakes — Cat.  As it turned out, we are somehow  related (by marriage).

Immediately I asked her to do Jamie’s 3rd birthday cake (which she requested to be strawberry) and rainbow cupcakes.  Jamie wanted a Sofia the First Princess theme.  We had a simply celebration at school at Jamie’s request.  And Cat my goodness!  She outdid herself as usual!  The cake was beautiful.  the cupcakes were beautiful.  And everything WAS YUMMY and gorgeous!

The beautiful work of art of Cat of Tazzy Cakes.  And the most moist cupcakes I've ever tried.

The beautiful work of art of Cat of Tazzy Cakes. And the most moist cupcakes I’ve ever tried.

The rainbow cupcakes re-made their appearance at my sister’s college graduation celebration too, a few weeks later.  That’s how badly we wanted to eat them again!

Nestle Ice Cream Temptations:  Dutch Speculoos.  And because it’s soooo hot, we always ALWAYS have to have some form of ice cream in the house.  Our “flavor of the month” (how funny – wasn’t it Nestle that started that billboard eons ago too?!) is one of the newer additions to the Nestle Ice Cream range:  Dutch Speculoos.  And thank you Nestle for generously sending some our way!

As you can see, I'm claiming it by eating it straight from the pint! ;)

As you can see, I’m claiming it by eating it straight from the pint! 😉

They call their latest line, “Flavors of the World”, with four choices to #SayYes to, including Italian Coffee Affogato, French Salted Caramel, and Belgian Chocolate Praline.   But back to the “double-dutch-like” flavor in our home (except it has  chewy speculoos bits in it), if you’re one of those who eat speculoos straight from the jar and like to hoard the bottles that come from any possible source, then the Dutch Speculoos flavor is indeed for you.  If you want to read more about the Nestle Temptations’ latest flavors, follow them on Facebook.

Happy eating folks!  It’s a friday after all, and it’s summer.  Why not? 😉

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