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A Magical 5th Birthday

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Despite my husband’s best efforts to downplay Sam’s 5th birthday last November, she still managed to wrangle her way into getting pretty much everything she wanted out of it.

Even when she was three she already knew the folks she wanted to invite and the theme and activities she wanted to do at her party.  She requested for a party each time too.  Her 5th birthday was no different.  And we’d been planning it since we completed her 4th birthday.

Since the cupcake making activity with Sonja last April, Sam knew she wanted to do that as well in her theme.  Sam (and Jamie) came with me to meet Erika of Cupcakes by Sonja to decide on the details, the design of the cupcakes and cookies, and the flavors.  For a while we’d been going back and forth between Hi-5 and How to Train Your Dragon, because she wanted them (and possibly Lalaloopsy too)… but finally when she talked to Erika (she did the talking, and not me.  I was apparently just the driver for the day), she had decided on a Hi-5 mixed with How To Train Your Dragon combined theme.  I really could not imagine how everything would look, but she and Erika worked it out anyway.

Thank you Erika and the Cupcakes by Sonja team for such a fun creative activity (and give-away) for each of the kids!

Thank you Erika and the Cupcakes by Sonja team for such a fun creative activity (and give-away) for each of the kids!

And then there was a huge cupcake as her cake.  I was originally going to get another supplier for the cake, but again Sam decided she wanted a huge rainbow cupcake with Ruffnut, her girl viking costume, on top of it.  So Erika conceded and the rainbow cupcake was actually all of pink, red and purple, as the celebrant had requested.

Cake vision c/o Sam, execution c/o Cupcakes by Sonja.

Cake vision c/o Sam, execution c/o Cupcakes by Sonja.

Sam also wanted face-painting — because it is her most favorite activity when she goes to any party.  I fear she will want a tattoo one of these days (as she and Jamie also write on themselves with washable ink!)… but hopefully the face painting and the glitter art and whatever colorful body paints are enough to satisfy this obsession.  We hired Clowning Around’s artist, and boy did everyone have fun… even the grown-ups! 😉

Children and lolos alike all lined up to get painted!

Children and lolos alike all lined up to get painted!

As her birthday drew near, Sam also wanted it to be a dance party.  And so we compiled a playlist of all her favorite children’s songs and the top 40 dance list that she listens to, and played that at the shindig.  It looks like the girls loved it too as they were ripping it up on the dance floor!

Girls gettin' down.  Or up rather.

Kids gettin’ down. Or up rather.

With Daddy as game-master/host/DJ, you would think her party was complete.  That, coupled with some on-going DVDs of Hi-5 to one side would be enough for Sam and her ever-growing guest list.  But no.

Sam attended a birthday party with a magic show, and was quite enthralled with the magicians illusions and tricks.  So much so that after his performance at the party, Sam walked straight up to the magician, introduced herself and asked him to please be at her 5th birthday party.  She also gave him the details.  My husband was completely tongue-tied with surprise and amusement that all he could do was accept the magician’s calling card.

At first we thought that it was something she would let go of as the days passed, but it was all the more fortified after we took her and Jamie to see Disney’s Magic Show (which was actually quite good!).  And so a Magic show there was.

One of my co-parents at Sam’s school was friends with Ricci the Magician.  He’s an illusionist and what I like about his jokes is that they’re wholesome.  Some of his tricks are a bit mature, but the kids and adults all seemed to enjoy him (save for the surprise snake he pulled out for his finally — my poor best friend flipped and wouldn’t come back in for an hour.  Sorry Polina!).  We had also requested that Sam be a part of his magic show and she so gamely participated and did magic.

Sam may want to be a magician when she grows up.

Sam may want to be a magician when she grows up.

For some reason lately she’s had this fascination with  Magic and Science, hence this birthday gift.  It was the first thing she opened.

Her very own Magic Box!

Her very own Magic Box!

You’d think with someone who’d already planned out her party in the afternoon, she’d have been satisfied.  Apparently not, as Sam also requested that we show up with donuts for recess to feed her classmates.  She was satisfied with a snowman donut though, so it wasn’t a big affair.  I don’t think I could have handled two big productions in one day, although Sam probably would have reveled in it.

Her snowman donut errr - cake?

Her snowman donut errr – cake?

All in all she said it was the best birthday…. yet.  And much to her daddy’s credit card’s dismay, she is already actively planning her 6th birthday.

I know that the planner part of Sam —  she got that from me.  But my husband and I, we like our birthdays quiet and low-key.  We’re not big on big birthday celebrations.  Apparently though Sam wouldn’t have it any other way.  And how can we say no when she takes so much joy in it?  Her birthday is really the one day in the year she is most excited about, even more than Christmas.  She is already such a smiley little girl, but her smile gets even bigger and doesn’t fade from the minute she wakes up, until she actually collapses to sleep.

We have 11 months to go.  Until then…!  😉

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