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Private Conversations in a Private Function Room


When the #SoMoms call for an all-Moms Night Out, I try to be there.  It’s not often that it happens (and we all know Moms need nights out every now and then right?), but it is always in a place with really good food.

Normally I’m at home when the clock strikes 5, as a self-imposed curfew.  That’s when the night time routine starts and it is on me to get the girls fed, bathed and in bed within the next three hours.  But because I knew in advance that Nini Icban of New World Hotel and Patty of Nonstop Babble arranged for a private evening at the newly renovated Jasmine restaurant, I worked out a schedule with my husband and asked him to take over so I could go.  I missed the first unlimited Dimsum get-together (which I am still hearing about to this day!), so I didn’t want to miss out on this one!  I was the last to arrive since it took me a while to turnover the routine and maneuver through Makati rush hour traffic.  But nonetheless I was just happy to be there.

We are literally, digging in.

We are literally, digging in.

The SoMoms were treated to one of the private function rooms, the Orchid.  It comfortably seats 15 people, and it has it’s own private bathroom and TV.  The ambiance of the entire restauarant (and well New World as a whole), is actually quite nice now that it’s been newly renovated.  It feels like you can have any kind of function there, be it a casual gathering on an actual business meeting.   There’s lots of space to move around too.  I have to say that in my excitement, I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures, so if you want to see what the room looks like, please visit Jackie Go’s blog. 🙂

They have set menus that begin at P750++ a head.  We had our own set menu for that evening, and everything was super yummy.  The portions were perfect, not too much but also just enough so you had space for everything.  Pacing is key.  I think that of every Cantonese dish that came out, my favorite was the Steamed King Prawn in garlic.

New World Jasmine Cantonese Resto Menu

New World Jasmine Cantonese Resto Menu, with the Wagyu Beef Roll, the Garlic Prawns and the Fried Rice.

And there was wine! 🙂

Why hello there! ;)

Why hello there! 😉

The thing was, I think I digested everything really fast that night because I didn’t stop laughing.  I don’t think I even got a buzz from the alcohol because there was no time for it to sink in.  Well in truth — I couldn’t stop laughing.  As Tin said, our abs got a workout that evening with all the hilarity that went on in the two and a half hours.  In a way, it’s good that we were enclosed in a private function room so that we could be as loud and as boisterous as we want to bePatty even brought some of her Yellow Bird shoes and so we were able to choose and fit and have a mini private sale right there!

There is never a dull moment with the SoMoms.  Never.  And the jokes still carry through until today!  I don’t know how we do it — there is no end to the chatter and the stories.  It’s great to bond with good friends over really wonderful food.

Thank you New World for inviting us over!

Thank you Jackie Go for letting me borrow your photo of us.

Thank you Jackie Go for letting me borrow your photo of us.


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