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Diaper Dilemmas: The Medical Roller Coaster Continues


Wine anyone? 🙂

My Mommyology Wine at Work

Can I pour you a glass?

Yes, I am trying to calm my nerves.  We are yet again on another phase of this medical roller coaster ride and wine seems to be my only solution thus far!  Jamie has decided to add diarrhea to her list of Manila woes in a span of 2.5 months.  I heard that there was some gastrointestinal bug going around these days but that still doesn’t provide me — and her — any comfort (Incidentally Sam was down with fever last Monday and now has some form of the sniffles and a tooth ache, so that’s the other half of the coin I am dealing with, but I digress.).

Thankfully Jamie doesn’t have a fever and is still fairly herself apart from the frequent pooping.  I’m  just preventing her from getting dehydrated with a probiotic oral suspension and lots of water.  I have to be a little bit more alert though as last night I found her fast asleep with a soiled diaper.  I’ve gotten spoiled because she normally tells me when she poops, but I suppose with diarrhea it’s hard to wake up and do that.

What is beginning to surface though, much to my horror, is a diaper rash.  I personally abhor diaper rashes.  Of all the “easy” problems to treat for a toddler in diapers (easy being that you can see it and so you know what’s wrong), the rash tops the list.  You as the mother are helpless when it’s there, because they still do need to poop and pee on a regular basis, and even if you have the right ointments and creams (Desitin is my favorite!  I kid you not), it’s still very unpleasant for everyone in the house, especially the baby and the helpless mother who has to deal with it all, 24/7.  A diaper rash is hot, uncomfortable and often painful.  It’s best to avoid it as much as possible and as fast as possible.

My Mommyology Diaper rash

It’s highly likely (particularly with the humidity in this country) that babies and toddlers in diapers will experience every single one of these — in my opinion!

Johnson’s Baby’s Complete Care System talks about a 3-step process to help minimize and avoid the trouble-causing diaper rashes.  It’s fairly simple and probably already intuitive in most mothers — Wipe (clean and condition), Powder (dry) and Change.  Here are a few new insights I learned though (Yes, even after 10,000 diaper changes, there’s still much to learn!):

  • Cleaning with soap and water is not enough.  Okay we all know how true this statement is from countless of anti-soap commercials there are out there.  We all know that soap dries the skin because it strips it of moisture (nerdy past life talking!), but do we really think about this when we’re cleaning our children’s bums?  As far as we’re concerned — it has to be clean and bacteria-free!  And yet, if an adult’s skin is easily stripped of moisture from soap, what more a baby’s skin which is much more sensitive!!  So maybe that’s something that needs a little re-thinking…
  • Infant wipes soak in emollient-type watery or oily lotion is encouraged.  Personally I refuse to use dry tissue to pat dry or wipe off stuck poop from my girls’ bums because I know that the friction could irritate it further.  So I invest in good quality wipes — and I will say I absolutely love the Johnson’s Baby Wipes (the one in the pink container).  They smell good and are very soft too, so you know that it won’t irritate the bum.  Apparently I have recently learned that the wipes coat the bum like a non-irritating lotion as it cleans.  Cool!  NOTE:  There is a difference between the wipes with emollient and the wipes with mineral oil.  The latter is not recommended – so read the packaging ingredients carefully!
  • Powder is your ally to keep excess moisture out — and it’s safe to use!  I remember the precautions our pediatrician told us about with respect to the use of powder around infants, however to date one cannot find any conclusive studies that link powder exposure to infant’s respiratory health.  Johnson’s Baby is also considerate enough to specify that the loose powder should be put on mom’s hand, away from the baby and only then, wiped on the bottom area.  Apparently Johnson’s Baby Powders contain Zinc Oxide too, an anti-bacterial property that’s necessary for skin recovery (yes, I am a mommy nerd… so help us all).

I’d do anything to make sure that diaper rashes are avoided and don’t progress.  I can still remember the worst one Sam had and she was totally inconsolable for days.  I was inconsolable for days.  I wouldn’t want us all to have to go through that again, especially now that it seems the girls are very much more prone to all sorts of illnesses that send me for a loop (and for reaching for yet another glass of wine!!).

Hopefully with the right tools and the vigilant diaper changes, this is one problem we can avoid — in spite of Jamie’s current diarrhea troubles!

My Mommyology Johnson's Baby Complete Care System

Learn more at here.

Find out more about the Johnson’s Baby Complete Care System by visiting their Facebook page, and by watching the You Tube video here.


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  1. Oh my, I’m sorry about Jamie. I hope things settle down for you soon 🙂

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