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Hamburger Day at Brother’s Burger!


Of all the things my husband and I miss about the Philippines, it’s the food.  When we flew home for the holidays last Christmas, we were both shocked at how many new restaurants sprouted up in the last two years.  With the limited time, we didn’t get to try many of them (of course I had to get my staples in, those were the priorities!).  The one burger chain (we need to categorize according to food offering and type of cuisine, there are that many favorites) that has been on our list was Brother’s Burger.  In fact, I don’t recall seeing it in the old location that we use to go to — or maybe it just covered, I’m not sure.  But Brother’s Burger never failed to satisfy!

So when my friend emailed to say that their Brother’s Burger Branch at “THE HUB”, Greenfield District (in Edsa Central) was now open, I was excited to help spread the word.

If you can, pass by between June 22 – 23, and avail of their 50% promo on all Big Brother’s burgers!  Oooh!

My Mommyology Brother's Burger

Don’t forget to add the mushrooms and extra cheese!

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