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7 Simple Living Tips for Moms to Stay Sane


I apologize for being remiss again.  It’s been one of those weeks where there is little to no downtime to sit, write, think and be.

Mostly it is because of Jamie — who has gone from cruising and holding on to things to full-fledged independent walking! (Applause applause applause!)  Yes, she finally mustered the confidence to do it on her own and is now unstoppable, even on the playground.  She still falls back on her bum every now and then, but instead of crawling around like she used to, she now gets on her hands, head and feet and pulls herself up on her own.  It’s the cutest thing imaginable.

Because of this new-found mobility, I cannot take my eyes off her (for her own safety and for my own health).  She just disappears into another room!  And she’s getting into a little bit more trouble than usual; such as taking things from her sister which she’s not supposed to, and climbing onto chairs and furniture to try and reach for something.  So my usual routine is now once again turned on its head and I have to find a new way around this happy development.

Jamie has also been extra cranky and clingy — wouldn’t you be if you’re getting SIX teeth in one after the other?  My poor sweet baby.  I feel her pain (from the lack of sleep I get as a result of it).

My Mommyology bird-watching

The joys of bird watching... one morning after everyone woke up. Even Minnie joined in the fun.

So the last few mornings, while Jamie sleeps and Sam and my husband are out of the house, I’ve used the quiet time very wisely:  I get back in bed to sleep beside my daughter.  Because Jamie knows I’m there, she doesn’t wake up as easily as she normally does, so sometimes we can sleep the whole morning away.

I usually use the time to get some emails done, to blog, or do the headless-chicken dance (aka chores)… but for some reason my cozy blanket and pillow have had more pull lately.  And when we wake up, we “talk”… about the birds and the trees and about whatever babble she can come up with.

A part of me panics at the thought that my to do list doesn’t disappear, but the larger part of me just says to enjoy it, the chores will always be there and these little moments won’t last forever.

It’s wonderful to have that opportunity.  I used to do it a lot with Sam (and I’ve tried lately, but nowadays once she’s up she’s up and she just wants to get going!).  Back then our home was smaller and there was less to do in general too.

Which leads me to this Friday’s last guest post for May on Green Eggs and Moms:  7 Simple Living Tips for Moms to Stay Sane.  Or well, to try at least. 🙂

I wrote this post after a conversation I had with Anne about how as moms we are the busiest people in the world and time just passes us by.  Sometimes, it pays to slow down… and to just focus on the important things that make us happy.  Simplify!  I felt I needed to remind myself of how to do that.  Hopefully some of it will speak to you too!

See you over there at Green Eggs and Moms!  Happy Friday!

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Sometimes... it's just all in the simplest moments.


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  1. Aww, it’s sad that it’s your last post for the blog of the month thing 🙁 Sniff, sniff..

  2. Nap times with my daughter are precious. Simple things give me the most pleasure! Lets enjoy our children while we can. Next thing we know, they’re out of the house, playing with their friends, napping with mom would be the last thing they’d want to do!haha

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