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5 Fun Activities to Build Your Toddler’s Fine Motor Skills

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Happy Friday!

For this week’s guest post on Green Eggs and Moms, we revisited an original that I did on Sam’s fine motor skill development.  I mentioned previously that this was a skill that I wanted to put more focus on as she got older, and was looking for activities and things we could do at home and out of school that would build it further.

My Mommyology Fine Motor Skills

At her favorite restaurant, the waiters give Sam pizza dough to mold and play with.

Check out the five activities that Sam does on a regular basis at home and in school.  I feel that the most important thing is that she (and I) have fun doing it.  It takes out the pressure to learn and turns it into something that she enjoys doing over and over again.

Can you think of more that you’d like to add or suggest?  I’d love to hear them and try them out ourselves!

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