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Revisit to the Pediatric Dentist


I mentioned 6-months ago in the post about Pediatric Dentists that I forgot to take a picture of the room for toddler visits.  Well, it just so happened that we went back for Sam’s check-up and I brought my iPhone!

This is what the room looks like.

My Mommyology Pediatric Dentist Room

Doesn't look like a dentist's office now does it?

You’ll notice the ottoman chairs and the purple soft cushion where they made Sam lie down on to clean her, count her teeth and brush them.  And everything they did to her, they made sure to show her first, and even allowed her to touch it — from their rubber gloves to the little mouth mirror.

As you can see she is happily playing at the side with the toys all within her reach.  I was trying to imagine strapping her down into a chair while waiting for the dentist or the hygienist to input data into the computer.  That might have posed a major challenge.

Sam was again proclaimed cavity free (yay!) and so after her check-up and cleaning she got to hang her name on the cavity-free tree (sorry,  I was NOT able to get a picture of that because at that point Jamie started fussing).  The dentist’s only advise was to start regularly flossing her teeth, even once a day, just to get her used to the habit, and by November when she turns three, to slowly switch her up to flouride toothpaste also once a day.

Jamie as well received her very first toothbrush, and big sister Sam accepted it in her behalf.  She proudly carried it out with the little turtle she got as a prize (The turtle was baptized with the name of Jamie, or so says the owner).

My Mommyology The Toothbrush and the Turtle

This is the tale of the Toothbrush and the Turtle.

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  1. Yes I remember your post on this! I love how they approach the practice, showing Sam stuff first before doing the procedures! I remember The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer where you also do the same to baby 🙂 Cool! Congratulations to Sammie Pooh for being cavity free and to Jamie for her toothbrush!

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