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Snuggle-Sam Time


Up until a few weeks ago (before Jamie), Sam and I had quality time on Fridays.

My Mommyology Snuggle Sam

When we read this, Sam says that's mommy dog and Sam baby dog (or Jamie baby dog).

Now as we are trying to establish our new routine with Jamie in the picture, sometimes Sam-mommy quality time is hard to come by.  I’d have to say though, considering the major change in her life, she’s actually been doing well for a two-year old.  There are the occasional and understandable tantrums and cries for attention, but other than that she seems to be adjusting quite nicely to her role as big sister.  She doesn’t complain when her little sister needs quality time with me too (which is a lot at the moment).

I miss my alone-time with Sam though.  Of course I love the quality time I have with Jamie too, and the bonding time I get with both girls.  This is all very new to me though, so I am trying to work through my own hormones and emotions.  It was after all, 27.5 months of just Sam and me.  I can only imagine that if I feel it, then she must be feeling it too.

That’s why on some nights after I feed her, I ask my husband to take Jamie so I can sleep beside Sam and get some precious good ol’ snuggle-Sam time.  I make sure she’s fast asleep, so as not to ruin any sleep-training efforts before I curl up beside her.  I give her a little nudge so she knows I’m there.  Occasionally she stirs and hugs me (or my arm) back.  Most of the time it lasts for an hour, sometimes two, but regardless, I enjoy every second I can get.  It is still (one of) the best feelings in the world!

Sam recently came up to me, hugged me and said “oooo!  I love to snuggle with you mom!”  My my, for a 2-year old, she just knows the right things to say!

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  1. Awwww!!!! So sweet 🙂

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