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The Women Services’ White Board


My Mommyology UNC Women's Services Board

A good idea. Where else can we use this?

I felt it noteworthy to mention this one particular aspect of my postpartum care at the UNC Women’s Hospital.  I didn’t notice this the last time when we had Sam (although I may have been more oblivious to the world at that point given how high I might have been on the epidural post labor).

This white board (I assume) is a fixture in all the postpartum care rooms at the hospital.  It allows all your caregivers and your baby’s caregivers to check on concerns you may have, and ensure that all standard tests and procedures have been covered for the duration of your stay.

The staff at the hospital go on 12-hour shifts, so it also helps ensure a smooth transition and turn-over of your care to the next set of attendants.  And if you complete the first part of the information at the top, immediately when they enter they know your name, your baby’s name, and how old you both are, so they won’t keep asking you.  You’ll know them too, since the first thing they do when they enter your room is introduce themselves, and write down their name and their pager number on the board.

It’s a simple service innovation which I particularly found useful, especially with everything new going on around you.  I wonder if our hospitals in Manila have something similar?  And also where else something like this could come in handy?

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  1. In Makati Medical Center, they have a chalk board where the room attendants write their names per shifts (no number).

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