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Practicing being an older sister ("Ate")

One of my best friends and Sam’s Ninangs (Godmothers) gave her a Baby Alive doll for Christmas last year, as well as all the baby toy gear — stroller, Pack ‘n Play, changing mat, and high chair.

It’s turned out to be a good toy because somehow Sam has taken to “caring” for Baby Doll (yes that is what we’ve named her.  Otherwise according to Sam, Baby Doll’s name would be Sam).  She loves the removable diaper and sits Baby Doll on her potty (I hope this makes for easier potty training in the near future).  She also puts Baby Doll in her stroller and takes her around the apartment, or puts her in a high chair and “share” her snack.  On occasion Baby Doll comes to bed with her.  Except of course, Sam holds Baby Doll by the hair or carries her upside down hanging on to the feet.

Several websites state that one of the ways to help prepare your older child for a new sibling is to give them a doll of their own.  They get to concretize the idea of a smaller being that needs care and attention, and it may just help minimize the feeling of jealousy when the actual baby comes along.

When Sam first saw Jamie at the hospital, she wasn’t expecting a baby.  I guess she was a little shocked to see a moving noise-making life sized “doll” in mommy’s arms.  But, she didn’t contest or complain about it.  For as long as she too got to sit with Mom, or to sit with Dad, when either of us were holding Jamie, she was fine.  She was even so happy as to tell Baby Jamie not to cry or to drink milk and to say hi even when Jamie would be asleep, so on.  Similarly with Baby Doll, when we would pretend Baby Doll “cries” because she fell down (well, in reality Sam would have thrown her on the floor), she’ll pick her up and give her to me and say, “What’s wrong Mommy?  It’s okay Baby Doll,” signaling that I should cuddle her or make her feel better.

There are times when I’d put Baby Doll on my lap, thinking we’re still playing pretend, and hug her and all of that.  Sam won’t yank her away, but will join the hug as well.  But there are also times when Sam would rather I put Baby Doll down and come play with her instead.

So is her behavior with Baby Doll an indication of what I should expect, based on the initial days Jamie has been home?  Does a Baby Doll really work in helping to explain the idea that there will be another entity in the home that will take up mom’s once coveted time and energy?  Is there really any good way to prepare your children for the arrival of a sibling?

Random thought:  What if, your first born was a boy?  Do you give them a Baby Doll too?

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. Hmm. Good question! My eldest is a boy and so there was no baby doll to practice on before his little sis came along. His little sis, on the other hand, loved dolls, but refuses to even consider having another baby in the family. LOL. I’m sure though, that Sam will love playing the big sis role. 😀

    • Thanks Sam!
      I guess when you’re the youngest, you want to stay that way (or conversely, when you have another sibling, just adding on kind of makes it a stressful thought?)

  2. M loves her Baby Doll too and we bring her out with the stroller every time we go to the mall. I think it IS good practice for when the baby comes =) Hope Sam is adjusting well!!

    • So far at 4 it’s not so bad. There are moments when you know she’s really throwing a tantrum to get attention, or she’ll be extra picky, like wanting only me to change her diaper. Sad nga the other day D was taking her out and she was just standing by the door, not crying not going but not moving either, as if she didn’t know if she wanted to go out or just stay home with me. The whole time daw in the car she kept asking for me. 🙁

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