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The Very Cranky Bear


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Book Cover by Scholastic. A Must Read for Kids!

A funny story.

Sam has this book called “The Very Cranky Bear“, by Nick Bland.  We discovered it at a book fair and we read it almost every night.  Sam has practically memorized the text but to humor us, reads it out loud anyway.  Naturally, the story is about a cranky bear and some animals who try to make him un-cranky so they can play in his cozy bear cave.

On a separate note, my husband and I watched Marley and Me off our Netflix movie list (If you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading).  Anyway, there was this portion when Jennifer Aniston goes through her postpartum depression breakdown right after having their second baby.  The scenes go on for a couple of minutes one after the other, until she finally loses it and she and Owen have this big fight (Lesson #1 – never fight with someone who has JUST given birth).

As I was watching it I was laughing because of how real it will almost be to us, 2 kids (no dog!) living on our own, while the husband goes to work and comes home to a very irate wife.  But when I turned to my husband to see if he could share the moment with me too, he was just sitting there quietly with this look on his face.

He then tells me in a shaky-sheepish-small voice, “I’m scared.  I can see it now.  You’re going to be THE cranky bear!

I laughed even harder (trying not to break my water bag!) and said, “Really you think?  What makes you so sure?”  In reply, the water that he was drinking basically comes flying out of his nose involuntarily.

Well.  At least he knows what he married into! 😉  Roaaaar!


On semi-related note, several days ago as I posted on Facebook, Sam says quite loudly, “Sam is as small as a mouse.  And Mommy is as big as a bear!”

So maybe I am a bear.  One that will turn into a cow very very soon.

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I am the mom that I am because of my two wonderful little girls. They teach me everyday.


  1. We all are cranky bears deep down. Unless you have a full time nanny, cook, cleaning lady, a membership at the spa and unlimited shopping 🙂

  2. Hahahahahahaha! Bakit feeling ko ako the Cranky Bear and I haven’t even been pregnant yet! Naku patay! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Sam is soo cute! I love your anecdotes of her!

  3. Be afraid! Be very afraid! Hahaha!!!

    Happy Women’s Day!!!

  4. Oh, I’m pretty sure J will tell you I am a very cranky bear. And with this 2nd one coming, hmmm, I’ll probably be a dinosaur.

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