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Justin Bieber for Christmas?


I remember when I was (much) young(er), the biggest things for me were the Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake dolls with their moving hands and changeable clothes.  About a decade later I remember Barbie had faded slightly but was generally still around, and in its place at home were my sister’s collections of Polly Pocket.  Now looking through the proclaimed hottest toys for 2010 list, I was in fact surprised to find that one of the more popular toys was a Justin Bieber Singing Doll!

Justin Bieber on Amazon

Amazon's Justin Bieber Singing Doll - on sale!

On Amazon it sells for $29.99 and if you push a button, it will sing his hit single Baby.  Searching further, there are other dolls and games and toys from this boy’s brand.  Yes, BOY.  He’s what, 16 years old?!  After only 18 months from his You Tube discovery, he’s Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, edging out competitors like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry who have been around for much longer.  Apparently, there is even a book about his life — aren’t the older celebrities awarded the luxury of having a book about their long lives?  Does that mean if there are 16 chapters, each one talks about a year in his life?

Now from a marketing perspective, I can understand how you would want to extend his brand and make more money off royalties from toys, games and the like.  If he makes at least $300,000 per concert according to his fan site, this boy (I still cannot get over it) is probably one of those multibillionaires overnight — counting hit singles, sponsorships, commercials, and all that merchandise!  What is he going to do with all that money?  And more importantly, what is that going to do with his life, and his head?!  All that fame can destroy you and make you crazy, you know.  We’ve seen it before!

Mrs Bieber pin on Amazon

Good Lord.

From a consumer’s perspective (with two girls who may just grow up to become Justin Bieber fans — oh dear), it may all be a tad bit too much.  While being avid fans of boys and boy bands in grade school is typical, I feel it’s a little over the top when you encourage young girls to think of themselves as “Mrs. Bieber”.  As a mom, knowing what influence media can have on my girls, do I really want to patronize this kind of manic, head-over-heels behavior?

I also wonder how Justin Bieber’s mom really feels about all of this instant fame and fortune.  While a Zimbio article says she’s “relieved” because his lifestyle keeps him out of trouble, there’s yet another article on Hollywire that says she worries “she’s losing control over her boy“, and that “she has her work cut out for her, trying to keep a teenage boy from all the screaming girls dying for a change to be his girlfriend.”  I commend her strength, however I still would not want to be in her shoes.

I think, for this year’s Christmas shopping for older cousins and nieces, we’ll stick to the safer fashionable clothes and educational toys.

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  1. I remember having a crush on Ricky Martin back in grade school… never to a point though that I wanted to receive a Ricky Martin doll (did they even make one back then?).

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