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MyMommyology’s #FieldtripFriday: The Discovery Cube


Science is a big deal these days, and quite the attractive subject for my kids.  Thankfully so, as it was not a favorite subject of mine as I was growing up.  Maybe it just wasn’t as attractive — I don’t know.  But it is a nice change, and with the world’s focus on bringing more STEAM into kids’ lives, it is actually fun.

The girls have always loved The Discovery Cube in Santa Ana.  It’s a great interactive museum with short explanations about why things work the way that they do.  In fact no matter how many times we’ve gone over the years (The family membership was cheap according to my husband, so hey why not…), I feel like we always take away something new and different.

The Cube as its called was a staple for the annual Bubblefest.  The girls love the show, first and foremost.  Then of course there are other parts that come with it, like the hamster ball and other bubble exhibits.


Deni Yang performed two years in a row.

One of the better illusion shows (I thought), was Jason Latimer’s Impossible Science show.  We watched it twice, and he met the audience outside for autographs, so Sam was able to ask her most burning question.

Sam taking the opportunity to ask her impossible science questions.

He feels like the modern day magician, and says that it isn’t magic, it is science.  Ooooooh.

The museum also has rotating special exhibits.  There was one put on by Boeing about the future of Aerospace and the girls had fun using the simulator or learn about some of their future stealth jets.

Learning about the efficiency of birds in V-formation.

More recently, we learned about the special demonstrations the cube does for field trips!

I loved this one on wavelengths and earthquakes! So much fun.

The more current one that’s on display this summer is all about dinosaurs.  We’ve seen a couple of exhibits at the Cube on Dinosaurs — and who would’ve guessed there would be that many of them outside of the more common ones?

What is a Griffin? I don’t know.  That’s what’s apparently found in Gondwana.  Where?!

This last trip that we took with my mom, the girls and I entered the Kitchen for the first time.  We paid $20 for a table for 4 (and this is something you can split with another family if you’d like), to learn how to make the “Red White and Blue Salsa”.  It is truly a healthy kitchen with healthy meal options for kids.  My hope was that Sam my picky eater would find something new to eat.

Jamie on the other hand enjoyed all the ingredients individually, because she is like me — quite adventurous with food.  My mom recently introduced her to hicama (aka – singakamas!), so she was quite delighted that it was part of the recipe.

Learning to mince with Maga.

My favorite part was giving the girls the ability to use kitchen equipment — like knives.  I”m always so afraid that they’ll hurt themselves in the kitchen, but this whole experience taught me that they can actually handle some of these instruments, with proper guidance.

A new hack when deleafing the strawberry!

As the girls get older, they pick up a few new things here and there — and to me that’s what these repetitive visits are all about.  While I’ve always tried to visit a new place each chance we get, the Cube is something I don’t mind repeating every now and then because of this.  Plus, it is a nice place to hang out in on a hot day!

* The Discovery Cube has an annual pass that you can get as a family.  Paying an extra $20 for 2-years of free parking is worth it too.  Most of the activities are free, except for some of the featured shows that are also nice to watch once in a while.*

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