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My Mommyology Likes: Little Passports


I’m not a fan of those Facebook Ads that pop up in my feed, but I will say it led me to a discovery that my girls have come to love.

Little Passports.  It’s a monthly subscription for kids ages 3-12 which, as their tagline says, “Inspires kids to learn about the world.”

On the first month of your subscription, your child gets the starter kit — a suitcase, a passport, some stickers and activities, a world map, and a letter from world-travelers Sam and Sofia.  There’s also a boarding pass which contains codes so that you can access a Little Passports account online and allows you to learn trivia about the different countries or play games.

Every month thereafter, depending on the subscription you chose, you get the modern-day children’s version of a postcard from whatever country or state they feature for the month.

Little Passports has three kinds of subscriptions; the Early Travelers which is for ages 3-5, the World Edition for ages 6-10, and the US Edition for ages 7-12.

The Subscription Packages on the Little Passport's site.

The Subscription Packages on the Little Passport’s site.

I had recently purchased a book about the different US states for Sam, so I thought the World Edition was best for us.  Besides, Sam is very interested in learning about the world (literally) and the different cultures in each country, so I thought it perfect for her.

In the first month, Sam first learned about which country belonged to what continent.  I had taken that fact for granted, but after doing it with her I realized how important that exercise was.  And it taught her as well how to study a world map and where each country or continent is in respect of another, using North, South, East or West.

Looking at which countries border which.

Looking at which countries border which.

She’s also been playing with the boarding zone app on the computer.  It’s given her trivia like where the first underground subway was built (London!) or the longest river in the world (the Amazon!), among others.

Use the Boarding Zone Tag for the codes.

Use the Boarding Zone Tag for the codes.

Sam was excited about receiving her first country – Brazil.  And I have to say because of my husband’s MBA stint in Chapel Hill and all our Brazilian friends, I enjoyed going through the exercise with her.  Once upon a time, my husband, his brother, my sister-in-law and I visited Brasilia too, and spent a week touring the sights.

Also, it talked a little bit about my brother’s passion:  Capoiera, something he tried to teach Sam early last year.  Somehow, everything she knew all came together.

The package contained the usual letter, stickers and boarding pass, but it also shed insight on an animal only found in Brazil, as well as a stone found in the Brazilian rainforest.  I love it, because even I learn something new.

A Red Uakari Monkey!  How neat is that!

A Red Uakari Monkey! How neat is that!

In the activities packet, there’s a crossword puzzle to find Brazilian terms.  A few of them I recognized and was able to teach Sam how our friends taught us how to say it.

Part of the activity is making a typical Brazilian dessert called Brigadeiro — this was introduced to us by our friends from Brazil, and I remember it being super yummy and super sweet!  I also remember binging on it while I was pregnant with both girls.  We haven’t done it yet, but it’s on our list of things to do for the summer.



Little Passports also has a blog and a newsletter (which, if you sign up before you purchase a subscription, you get $15 off!), and occasionally we get new information about different parts of the world.  I’ve printed them for Sam to read and keep in her Little Passports suitcase as well.

We’re on our third month so far and we just received the Japan packet in the mail.  I’ve never visited Japan (A not-so-subtle hint for the Husband!), but maybe my family and my husband can go through it with her to make the experience a little bit more complete since they’ve been there.

The Little Passports advertisement is right — children get excited when the mail comes in, wondering if there’s something in it for them.  Sam keeps asking me when the next one will arrive.  And she teaches her friends and her sister about it too.  I once caught them playing a travel game where she read the Brazilian letter to her out loud and they went on a trip down the Amazon river to act it all out.  More and more I agree that it is a great experiential learning tool for kids!

I’ve always loved traveling and seeing the world.  That’s a trait Sam gets that from me.  She’s constantly asking to go somewhere and learn something new.  At least somehow with Little Passports, every month a little bit of the world comes to us. 😉


Little Passports can be found on Facebook:  Little Passports, and Instagram @littlepassports.

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  1. Very cool! I am contemplating on subscribing to Kiwi Crate, another monthly package filled with themed arts and crafts ready to be created. My kid was gifted with a 3-month subscription and we’ve enjoyed every project. But this one is great too!

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