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Tooth-brush Fun


Pepsodent is generously giving away THREE Brushing Adventure gift packs.  Check the end of this post to find out how you could to get one. 🙂

I’d always taken toothbrush time for granted.

I just assumed it was a necessity and didn’t make much of a fuss about it when Sam’s teeth started to come in.  We even made the first visit to a pediatric dentist quite late, but thankfully Sam’s teeth were ok.  With Sam — we started the act of brushing twice a day when she started pre-school.  It became part of the routine before she’d leave for school and after she’d bathe at night before jumping into her pajamas.

And so with Jamie, I figured it wouldn’t be much different.  Except of course, I took for granted that I was also dealing with Jamie — a totally different personality from her sister.

I couldn’t understand why Jamie didn’t want to brush her teeth.  She had her moods, and she just refused — with tight lips and all.  We’d have brushing battles, where I’d coax, bribe, give an obvious choice (who will brush your teeth, you or me?!), and somehow we’d still end up in tears.  We’d both end up in tears.  It would ruin the start of her day or the end of mine.

I wasn’t about to let her skip this routine (and if I left this to my husband, I’m sure he’d just let her sleep without the proper brushing!), especially with the kind of crowding she had (the dentist said Daddy would need a second job FOR SURE!).  At the same time, I didn’t want to traumatize her to hate this little routine for life.  Whoever thought it would be a challenge?!  I really really never did.  The things kids teach you, ey?

Then Pepsodent contacted some of the SoMoms to talk about their latest advocacy.  Apparently, tooth-brush challenges amongst toddlers are common (hurray, am not alone), and as such Pepsodent wants to help make brushing fun for both the mother and child.  That’s pretty nice, don’t you think?  I’m all for anything that will help make it easy for moms and at the same time, still get the job done.

Over the years I’ve come up with a few of my own tips and tricks which I’d like to share with you.

Singing Songs.  I don’t know how many songs I’ve made up, seriously.  About the berries and the cherries and hiding in the creviees (aka crevices — forgive me, it does need to rhyme!).  “Or take out the bread bits from Jamie’s teeth!”  Jamie has always responded well to music.  If in case you don’t feel like being creative, Pepsodent has actually created a Brushing Can Be Fun song.  Click on the link to listen to the song.  Who knows, it’s subliminal message of “brushing in the day and brushing in the night” could work as a self-reminder to kids.

Brush in the day! Brushing in the night!  Brushing can be fun fun fun!

Brush in the day! Brushing in the night! Brushing can be fun fun fun!

Fun toothbrush flavors and brushing toolsIt becomes much harder to continuously stick tastes in their mouths that they don’t like.  Sometimes the fluoride stings too so it’s important to choose brands that are child-friendly.  Small amounts of toothpaste are okay — they have small mouths after all.  🙂

Brushing in front of the mirror.   Children fancy watching themselves and our bathroom mirror is just too high, even with a stool.  So even if it means going out of the bathroom (with saliva and wet splotches of toothpaste dripping onto the floor!), I let Jamie and Sam brush their own teeth in front of the bedroom mirror.  At least they see where the brush goes and what it looks like to have a bubbly mouth or clean teeth.  It distracts them from whatever hindrances they’ve thought of.  Sometimes they like to dance in front of the mirror too while brushing their teeth — butt-naked.  But you didn’t need to know that. 😉

Rewarding (but only on really difficult days).  I never thought about giving stickers for proper day and night brushing!  I always thought rewards were used for the potty only – but why not right?  Pepsodent has this Day and Night kit where the child receives stickers after brushing in the day and at night.

Jamie likes stickers... it might actually work!

Jamie likes stickers… it might actually work!

Once completed for doing it everyday, they get a huge sticker badge.  Not bad.  And it’s not a bad way to teach children something they need to do anyway.

Asking Ate for “help”.  Or helping Ate!  In our home, Ate plays a key role in Jamie’s development.  Jamie loves to imitate her sister, and Sam willingly helps in caring for Jamie.  Sometimes, it’s the other way around, and Jamie cares for Sam.  I shamelessly use this to my advantage and ask Sam to help Jamie brush her teeth, or vice-versa.  Or, they need to do it together to make it more fun.

Just going with it.  Really.  If she feels like brushing her teeth while wearing her shades… who am I to argue.

The cool way to brush your teeth.

The cool way to brush your teeth.

One or the other tends to work, depending on Jamie’s mood.  It’s always good to have an arsenal of choices to play with.

Now maybe you:

a) Have some of your own you’d like to share?

b) Are one of those moms who have Brushing challenges?

c) Have not quite religiously instilled the habit of brushing twice a day yet? or

d) Are one, any or all of the above…

As part of the #BrushingCanBeFun advocacy, Pepsodent is generously giving away gift packs to moms like us — who need to make brushing an adventure for their kids.

Please leave a comment on the blog as to why Pepsodent should pick your family to receive the pack.  What tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve that you’d like to share?  Don’t forget to indicate an email address so we can contact you if you are chosen. 🙂 The give-away applies to Metro Manila Residents only, and will be awarded by January 17, 2014. 

Instagram posts tagging @PepsodentPH and @MyMommyology are most welcome too.  Please use the hashtag #brushingcanbefun so we can find you!

Happy Brushing!

To learn more about Pepsodent, please visit their Facebook Page: Pepsodent Philippines.

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  1. my 20 month old son refuse to let us brush his teeth before. What we did to change that is that we would show him that we would do it together (him and I) and bought him some nice looking toothbrush. Brushing also occurs while he is taking a bath, so that it can be done twice a day.

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