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It’s the 8th consecutive day that I’ve been sick.  I’ve gone from just a plain, itchy scratchy throat to a slight fever with joint pains as I write this post.  I’ve used up what feels like 200 boxes of Kleenex, and my taste buds are shot.  I really can’t taste anything I eat.  I wish that I could just take a high dose cure-all pill and bury my head under the covers and sleep it off.  Of course I haven’t been able to do that for two living breathing reasons.

I do anything for my girls, no matter what condition my body is in.  I get up at 4 in the morning, after 2 hours of sleep and accompany Sam to the bathroom or have her eat noodles because she’s hungry.  I carry Jamie to sleep for hours on end when she can’t sleep straight lying down.  I bathe them even when I’m feeling sick because I’ve found the efficient routine that will make Jamie cry the least.  I am the only one they both will take their vitamins or medicine from.  I sleep in all kinds of positions just to make sure they’re both breathing and have enough cover.  I endure all kinds of poop explosions, drama, spit-ups, excuses, stubborn moments and tantrums.

Now I don’t mean to make myself out as a martyr because I know that the only reason as to why I go to the moon and back for them is because they’re my kids.  And I’m quite sure that if you’re a mom reading this, you’d probably feel the same way about the things that you’d do for your own child.  That’s how moms are built after all.  You — we, myself included — will go to any lengths to make sure our kids are safe, protected, happy, healthy and properly cared for.

In my sick state, I was zapping through the channels and I came across the latest Johnson’s Baby Ad (Side note:  Can I just say that Johnson’s Baby has always had a way at tugging at your heart.  I still remember their ad that said – Having a Baby Changes Everything.  So so true!).  This one had the one of the simplest messages I’ve ever seen, but again it rings true to the highest heavens.  In my case I couldn’t help but think that yes, no matter what or how I’m feeling, I’d throw myself under a bus if it meant protecting my kids.  It wouldn’t matter how trivial the problem was (like a bad haircut), or how life-changing (such as a future heartbreak)… I understand that it’s important to give all I can of me for them, and I would do that in a heartbeat.

My Mommyology Johnson's Baby TVC

If you haven’t seen it, watch it here. Get your tissues ready Moms!

Because really, there’s no other person that will give your child the complete kind of care that you would as their mother.  I see that too now that I’ve had to delegate some day-to-day tasks to other people who are trying to help us in this adjustment period.  While everyone cares for your child to their fullest capacity, there’s no one that will do things the way you (as their mom), will.  No one else will pick up the little nuances and the non-verbal cues that they send out; or will take the pains to research for the best solutions to their problems.  No other person will have the patience to see them through their sleepless teething nights, or will have the right words to say when they tell you about what’s bothering them, or will painstakingly answer the Why’s over and over again.  I’ve seen the look in my kids’ faces when other people help them with some of the things they know I used to do with them.  I feel that they can sense that while the task is accomplished, there’s something different about the process.  It’s not a bad thing… it’s just not mom — so it’s just not the same.

Now that both my girls are toddlers of course their needs are different from when they were first babies.  Nonetheless I still think back to those days (and  how they went by in a blip!).  I miss them, sort of, especially when I see this happy problem-free baby.  The ad is very nostalgic and triggers memories of when your kids when they were once that baby’s age.  I still look at pictures of Sam and Jamie when they weren’t able to walk or sit up, and I think:  Oh how simple the problems and challenges were then (Of course, I only know that now in retrospect, hahaha:))!

So much has changed in such a short span of time.  The life of a mom is filled with all sorts of ups and downs and loops and twists and turns…  We are changing as much as they are, and adapting to what it is they need (again another skill only you as their mother will have for them).  When I watch the girls sleep, I think to myself that there is still so much for me to learn and so much I still need to adapt to.  It feels overwhelming, especially on days when I am exhausted or just strung out, but somehow after there is a sense of calm because I know that I am equipped to do it.   The nice reminder that the Johnson’s Baby ad has given to me in these stuffy nose, back-aching days, is the fact that there really is no other love like that of a mother.

How does the Johnson’s Baby TVC make you feel?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


For my friends that don’t read Filipino, here is a rough translation of the message of the ad. 

“There will come a time…when someone will break your heart.

You may feel sad… about a bad haircut.

That’s why while I can, I’ll make sure… that no harm will come your way”.

A Mother’s love is like no other.

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