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Last Song Syndrome: My Favorite Things


We’re under a “severe thunderstorm alert” here in the Triangle Area.  I don’t think I’ve heard thunder as loud or as frequent and crackling as the ones going on around us now that even I am startled.  Sam seems to be sleeping through it in the meantime — I guess she is that tired (Still recovering from a stomach bug she had the other day).  Jamie on the other hand, the better sleeper of the two, ironically keeps waking up crying as she is startled by the noise.

To soothe her I hum the tune of My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music. I don’t know why that song, of all the songs I’ve been listening to on the radio, popped into my head.  I guess it has that strong an association and brand recall, particularly the scene where Maria sings to the children to assuage their fears during the storm.  Considering I haven’t seen it in ages, I remember it well.

My Mommyology Sound of Music

Must-see musical. Click on link above to see the original clip!

There aren’t that many musicals or movies like The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins these days.  None with the same effect on our lives as those did (who doesn’t know Do-Re-Mi or Spoonful of Sugar?!).  Those are timeless classics I’d like to own and have the girls watch one day.  I feel they’re worth keeping in our library of DVDs which they can watch over and over again.  My husband says I am re-living my childhood in my girls.  Why not, right?  I can’t imagine them growing up not knowing the story and the songs from these hits!

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  1. Sound of Music was one of the first few movies M ever watched. She loves this song plus the puppet show and the Cuckoo song. She also loves Mary Poppins and Annie. And the Peter Pan Broadway DVD you sent her. I love it that she’s so interested in musicals and not just Disney movies. Hopefully we can take a trip with the girls one day to watch Mary Poppins on Broadway.

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  3. Awww sooo cute! I was just thinking of what to sing to my baby (like even now) and it can’t be Give Me Everything (by Ne Yo and Pitbull) which Pau sings like crazy and my last song syndrome 🙁

    But do take care you guys! Take cover! Be safe!

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