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A Glorified Cow Am I


My Mommyology cow

Repeat after me: M-O-O-oooo.

Sometimes I think I actually say moo.

On my mom’s recent trip from San Francisco, she came back and gave me a shirt with a cow’s face on it.  She said it was quite “apt” given my current role as a nursing mom.

Of course I don’t see anything wrong with nursing, and in fact I’ve done it exclusively already in the past and do plan to exclusively nurse Jamie for at least another 12 months as well (My husband says I should go for two years, but we shall see).  It just takes up a lot of time.  A lot.

Jamie nurses every two hours, but each feeding will take at least 20 minutes.  So the actual interval between her stop and start time is 90 minutes.  That is, if she doesn’t fall asleep before she finishes her full feeding.  If she does we have to stop and burp, and then go again for another 10 minutes or so.

Then in between several feedings during the day, I pump out milk.  That takes a good 15 minutes on each side.  Calculate the time intervals, it’s actually like “feeding” in 30 minute intervals.  It feels like all I do!  (Note, I’m not complaining, just stating an obvious fact.)

KK our doula actually says that a newborn baby equates mom with milk.  In short.  They see you as food, nothing else.  I guess on some level — we should be flattered?  In their eyes you fill their tiny stomachs with happiness.

I remember two years ago, we took a family trip to San Diego and my sister-in-law had to leave her daughter J (Sam’s age, at the time 5 months old) for the day to take her two older boys back to Disneyland.  There was pumped milk but because we’d been traveling she hadn’t been taking a bottle.  So when J got hungry, she refused to drink the expressed milk.  We weren’t going to let her cry until her mom got back, so in the end I fed her from me all of that day (I apologize for non-moms if this is too much information).  This was of course, on top of feeding my own daughter who had also not been taking a bottle during the entire trip.  Then, I was feeding in 20 minute intervals (because both girls did not have similar eating schedules.  And if they did… well, I’d know what it was like to have twins!)  It did wonders for my milk supply of course, and I would do it again in a heartbeat (anything for those kids I always say) – but I would be lying if I said I could relate to the milked cows.

My Mommyology man-boob

It used to just be funny. Now it actually seems appealing!

Recently the Meet the Fockers movie was on TVand this scene where Jack proudly whips out his man-boob caught my attention more than it had ever before in the past.  Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation talking, but hey — why not right?  Isn’t it a good idea?  It allows all dads to “participate” and share the role in feeding, the baby gets the milk and moms like me can catch a break and sleep.

If anyone out there is willing to invest and mass market this, then I will have you know you have a buyer and a marketing advocate by your side! 

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  1. Hahaha. I saw this movie too recently and thought the same thing with the Robert de Niro scene. They should make man-boobs for dads!! =) I’m actually contracting ome moms I know to supply me breastmilk when the baby comes (part jokingly and part serious) because I’m dreading the pumping and feeding every 30 minutes.

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