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My Mommyology Blog Updates


My Mommyology Blog Updates

Keeping it current

I read through a few of the posts I’ve made over the last couple of months, and I realized that as this is a “study in motion”, it might be good to do a quick quarterly review / update with some of the developments that have taken place.  So for those of you just “tuning in”, here’s a chance to catch a quick glimpse of previous posts I’ve made. 🙂

Fridays – our Fridays have recently evolved into a family day.  A few weeks ago my husband started to “work from home” on Fridays, and now he goes with us to Sam’s Little Gym class.  We figure that it would be nice to try and transition that day into something that Daddy and Daughter can do when the baby arrives.  After all, she does have to learn to be independent of me.

The Sling vs The Double-Stroller – Truth be told we have not gotten either yet, although I do think we’re leaning more towards the double-stroller, given the most recent news as well about the Baby Sling recalls. My husband has taken to the Baby Jogger City Select, but we haven’t gotten around to getting one yet.  While bigger and bulkier, I would think I’d like to have it around to use at my convenience, wherever I am in the world.

Lunch at School – We tried this out once a week for a month, but each trial ended in untouched lunch and a whole lot of tears.  Even if Sam was excited to take her lunchbox to school each time and all the teachers prepped her for staying longer, she would always freak out when they got to the point where she had to sit with everyone else and eat, and they’d have to call me to come earlier to get her.  The teachers had several theories as to why it wasn’t working out, and instead of pursuing this now, we just decided that she could do it when she’s much older.  Maybe there was too much change going on in her life.  So we went back to lunches with mom.

My Mommyology Big Sister Book

book by Joanna Cole

Preparations for Jamie’s arrival – To date I am 39 weeks and 5 days, and I am literally raring to go.  There is no more space in our freezer for me to cook anything else.  All the baby clothes have been washed and packed.  The digital gadgets are all properly charged and the infant car seat is in its place.  Sam has gotten her Big Sister book and my mother is here, so we’ve spent the past few days prepping her about mommy sleeping in the hospital.  All that’s missing is the baby.  I’ve gained the weight, done the time, so let’s go!

Sam’s sleep-training – Well, part 2 has been written out, and I apologize for keeping you in suspense about it.  I still would like to wait and see, maybe for a couple more days.

Maybe that’s why there is no book on the study of motherhood.  It is still evolving and changing on a daily basis, like an on-going experiment.  Maybe that’s why we grow up the way we do, too — as results of live experimentation!

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