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A “My Mommyology” New Year’s Realization


My Mommyology Multitasking Mom

You do need that many arms!

The picture speaks a million words.  Wouldn’t you agree?

The other part of it that amuses me is that she looks unfazed, like it’s the easiest thing in the world.  What is your secret, woman.

I chose not to put it, but I found another picture of a multitasking mom in heels.  HEELS!  The last time I wore heels was to my husband’s graduation last May.  I wanted to look nice since everyone here has seen me in flip-flops or sneakers over the past two years.  I blow-dried my hair too, and put on some make-up, and got into a cute ruffly dress I bought just for the occasion.

I did end up regretting it because the ceremonies were in the basketball gymnasium, and my daughter decided she liked to climb up and down each staircase she saw.  Each set consisted of about 50 steps at least (they went from A-Z twice I think).  At the end of the two hours, she wasn’t the only one who wanted to be carried home.  All I could think about was a foot massage.

It is really a juggling act.  Sometimes tiring, mostly fulfilling; sometimes a routine but mostly also an adventure.  Sometimes fun…. but funnier all the more.  Particularly when that one little item with diapers suddenly multiplies,  increases in size and develops a personality.

So it begs the question:  why is it that we try to do it all?  Or is it because we are better at it, and because we can?

Happy New Year’s to all you MOMs out there.  This one is for you.

My Mommyology Master of multitasking

So that's what it means!

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