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My Mommyology

Photo (and actual decor) by Icel Maralit

In all my working life, I’d have to say that the most fun Christmas parties are the ones we have at Your Brand Story .  In the 2 out of the 3 years that we haven’t been home, I was still able to participate virtually, thank you very much iChat.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world, even if it meant less sleep due to the time differences.  Our parties while intimate and simple, never cease to leave me in happy holiday stitches.  It’s fun because it’s highly personalized, and everyone participates so gamely.  It’s not so much the prizes and the gifts (although those are great too, thank you to our sponsors and treasured clients), but I think it’s also knowing that everyone pitches in to make it meaningful for everyone else.

To me that speaks volumes about how much you enjoy work and the people that you work with.  We take care of each other, and everyone looks out for the benefit of everyone else — and for the good of the company as a whole!  I do think that reflects as well in the output that we generate, and why clients and suppliers sincerely enjoy working with us.  I’d have to admit that is quite heartwarming, and it makes “work” (albeit mine is virtual for the moment) and working with these people something to look forward to each year.  Really and truly, it’s the people behind YBS that make it successful; and the reason why we are still here (thankfully!) after 5 years.  We are truly blessed to have the group that we have now.

Merry Christmas to my YBS family!  Here’s to great times ahead.  Hep hep — Hooray! 🙂

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  1. I am lucky to be taken on as YBS client! Considering that I’m the farthest thing from your multi-national client companies 🙂 Thanks guys!

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